Amenoma Kageuchi Sword In Genshin Impact: How To Get It

Take a look at the steps to obtain the Amenoma Kageuchi (Inazuma Sword) in Genshin Impact.

Wondering how you can get the Amenoma Kageuchi sword in Genshin Impact? Then this is just the right article you need. Just like you, many players out there are looking forward to getting their hands on this new weapon blueprint. For those who are unaware, this craftable sword comes with 12.0% ATK+ and 41 Base ATK which is pretty good. Many fans are also considering it one of the best swords available in the game. So without any further ado let’s see how you can craft this 4-Star Inazuma sword.

Where Can I Find Amenoma Kageuchi in Genshin Impact (Inazuma Sword)

Where Can I Find Amenoma Kageuchi in Genshin Impact (Inazuma Sword)

In Genshin Impact, to Amenoma Kageuchi sword you’ll first have to obtain its diagram by completing The Farmer’s Treasure quest. This is one of the secret world quests where you have to rescue Saimon Jirou and complete his given tasks. During this quest, you’ll also come across some deadly battle waves, so make sure you are ready for that. For a better understanding of the quest, take a look at the walk through mentioned below.

The Farmer’s Treasure Quest Quick Walkthrough

  1. First, go to Jiren island and keep climbing until you reach the top.
  2. There, you’ll spot someone (Jirou) trapped in a cage. Simply fight the guards and open the cage.
  3. Look for the cage key on the trees around the cage and use it to rescue Jirou.
  4. After that, Jirou will task you to find 4 Stone Slates that opens the treasure door. And also promises to give you a reward for saving him from the bandits.
  5. The 4 Stone Slates are located in 4 different location.
    • One Stone Slate is located in Konda Village inside the a locked Underground well. Whose key you’ll get after interacting with a women wearing mask.
    • Second Stone Slate is found at the shoreline of Kamisator Estate, lying under a tent.
    • The third Stone Slate can be obtained by completing the Sacred Sakura Cleansing in Araumi.
    • Last Stone Slate can be found near a wrecked ship. To find the ship explore the area after the underground area after completing the Sacred Sakura Cleansing in Araumi.
  6. Once you have all the report back to Saimon Jirou. As soon as you do, he will trick you and ask you to find the last, 5th Stone Slate. If you’ve come this far, then consider that you are halfway through to getting the Amenoma Kageuchi sword in Genshin Impact.
  7. Simply head to the 5th Stone Slate check point near the shoreline of Grand Narukami Shrine. However, there you’ll find nothing and Paimon will realize that you have been tricked.
  8. After that, head back to the place where you last met Jirou to confront him.
  9. However he will be gone and the game will ask you to find him on Jinren Island, so simply head there.
  10. And once you arrive, you’ll spot some bandits that you have to defeat.
  11. After you are done with that, Jirou will accept his mistake and will hand over the treasure key.
  12. Open the treasure located on your left and place the 4 Stone Slates to open the gate. After placing the stones, make sure  you walk over all of them until the platform turns blue.
  13. And then head inside the room loot the chest and after the cutscene go to Saimon Katsumi in Konda. And there you’ll get the Amenoma Kageuchi sword diagram you are looking for.

This sums all about how you can complete the Farmer’s Treasure quest & obtain the Amenoma Kageuchi sword diagram in Genshin Impact. While you are here check out the best characters for Nymph’s Dream & Vourukasha’s Glow Artifacts. Also, take a look at the Version 3.7 release date, banners, new characters, and more details.