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Elden Ring: How To Get The Albinauric Mask (Location Guide)

Wondering where you can find the funny helmet in Elden Ring? You are looking to get the Albinauric Mask.

You should get the Albinauric Mask in Elden Ring if you want to get some funny cutscenes. This is the alien-like helmet you will see many people use to make memes of the game. And if you plan to join in on the fun then this is definitely worth getting. So without further ado let us quickly check how to get the Albinauric Mask or Funny Helmet in Elden Ring and learn its location.

How to Get the Albinauric Mask in Elden Ring

elden ring how to get the albinauric mask and location

  1. Go to the Volcano Manor site of grace.
  2. Now, head west into the hallway.
  3. Keep going straight and hit the wall. It is an illusionary wall and will reveal an area.
  4. Turn left here and keep going straight.
  5. Go down the steps.
  6. Once you reach the end crouch and keep going straight until you reach the next room.
  7. Turn left and go up the stairs it will lead you to the Prison town Church site of grace.
  8. Go outside and take a right then keep going down. You will see rooftops.
  9. Keep going straight on these rooftops. Your direction should lead you west.
  10. Now go up the stairs and turn left towards the south and keep going straight. You should come across a snake guard, you can ignore it.
  11. Since you are here you might want to unlock the guest hall site of grace. If you do then follow the below steps or you can skip to the next step.
    1. Go left from the snake guard and jump above the balcony on the roof and go south.
    2. You will see an open door on the right go in.
    3. Take a left and go south.
    4. Next, go down the steps on the right.
    5. Once you reach down go left. Your direction indication should be west.
    6. When you reach here you can take two rights to get to the guest hall site of grace.
  12. Go right from the snake guard and climb the ladders up and reach the roof ahead of it.
  13. You will see an opening here, drop or jump down on the platform below.
  14. There is an open door to your left go in and you will find the Albinauric Mask and Staff on the bed.

That is all you need to do to get the Albinauric Mask or Funny helmet in Elden Ring and find its location. Don’t forget to check our Elden Ring guides if you like playing this game. Here you can find guides for topics on builds, bosses, items locations, and more.