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What Is GeoGuessr & How To Play?

Wondering what is Geoguessr and why the game has been tagged as a massively addictive game? Find out.

Everyone of us has come across the subject of Geography in school. So what is GeoGuessr and why has this game been so addictive? This game combines entertainment with Geography. Players have to guess their location based on images provided by Google Street View imagery. The browser game was launched in May 2013. It has garnered huge praise among the audience. It lost its attraction before the pandemic but peaked again with content creators streaming the game across platforms like YouTube, Reddit and Twitch.

What is GeoGuessr?


How to play geoguessr

The game can be characterized as an educational tool as players tend to learn new locations along with the Flora, soil and sometimes maybe the Fauna. It provides an easy control on your movement, panning and image zoom. These features can be disabled for hard level gameplay. It also contains an inset map to select the location of your guess.

The best part is that it has a single player mode and a multiplayer mode. GeoGuessr is available in two versions, normal and pro membership. The free membership limits players to a 5 minute gameplay but don’t worry, it refreshes every 15 minutes and gives access to a further 5 minutes of gameplay. The pro membership will cost you US$1.99 per month.


How to Play GeoGuessr? (Game Modes Explained)

Geoguessr Guess Points

The Classic Mode contains five rounds. Each round will have a different street view location. The accuracy of players in choosing the location generates the points. The points range from 0 to a maximum of 5000. The Classic Mode houses a series of locations that players can choose from. Alternative game modes that you should play include Battle Royale, duels, head to head competitions, streaks and even a last man standing multiplayer mode.


Explorer mode is a single player mode that you can also try. Your accuracy will earn you medals. Apart from these you can also host or join a quiz. To play with friends you will need one pro account belonging to anyone in the group.

Pro Feature unlocks a few more features like selecting your custom map, play pro leagues, no time barriers while playing the game. And the price at which the game provides the pro subscription is a steal when you see what the game has to offer. This concludes this guide on what is GeoGuessr and how to play the game.

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