All Geoglyph Memory Locations In Zelda Totk (Dragon’s Tears)

Milton Dsouza
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Geoglyphs in Zelda TOTK are quite similar to Captured Memories from Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. These mysterious-looking Geoglyphs are spread out all over the Hyrule map. There are eleven of them in total which can be discovered by Link. These Geoglyphs contain a Dragon’s Tear. You just need to look out for a tear-shaped puddle to complete this quest. So, where can you find Impha? To make your task easier, our guide has listed down all Geoglyph and Dragon’s Tear Locations with their map coordinates in Zelda Tears of The Kingdom.

All Geoglyph Memory Locations in Zelda Tears of The Kingdom (TOTK)

Mentioned below are all the 11 Geoglyph Locations that you can find in Zelda TOTK. The 12th Geoglyph is only revealed after you discover the 11 Dragon’s Tears. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at all the exact location of Dragon’s Tears in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom with these map coordinates.

1. Where Am I? Geoglyph Location


  • Map Coordinates: -1413, 0964, 0124

The first Zelda TOTK Geoglyph is located northwest of Central Hyrule as shown in the map above. The Dragon’s Tear is located at the top of this very Geoglyph.

2. An Unfamiliar World Geoglyph Location in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom


  • Map Coordinates: -2553, 1887, 0319

The second Dragon’s Tear Geoglyph can be found towards the east of Rito Village. The tear can be found at the top half of the Geoglyph.

3. Mineru’s Counsel Geoglyph Location


Map Coordinates: 1828, 0734, 0090

The third Geoglyph is located right above the Lanayru Wetlands and to the east of Central Hyrule. The Geoglyph is actually shaped like a Nintendo Switch. You fill find the Dragon’s Tear right in the center.

4. The Gerudo Assault Geoglyph Location


Map Coordinates: 0694, -1312, 0053

The fourth Dragon’s Tear Geoglyph can be found hidden in a forest near Batrea Lake.

5. A Show of Fealty Geoglyph Location Zelda TOTK


Map Coordinates: -3178, -1702, 0419

The fifth Geoglyph can be found just southeast of the Gerudo Highlands. Descend down the hills and you will locate the Dragon’s Tear.

6. Zelda and Sonia Geoglyph Location


Map Coordinates: -3096, -0077, 0211

The sixth Geoglyph is located northeast of the Gerudo Highlands. The Dragon’s Tear can be found on the right side of the Geoglyph.

7. Sonia Is Caught by Treachery Geoglyph Location


Map Coordinates: 3325, -3569, 0005

The seventh Tears of the Kingdom Geoglyph is situated on the southeast corner of the map near Lurelin Village.

8. Birth of the Demon King Geoglyph Location


Map Coordinates: -1863, 3619, 0237

For the eighth Geoglyph, you will have to head to the north side of the Tabantha Tundra. The Dragon’s Tear can be found on the left side of this Geoglyph.

9. The Sages’ Vow Geoglyph Location in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom


Map Coordinates: 4468, -0306, 0075

The ninth Geoglyph in Zelda TOTK can be found slightly northeast of Lanayru.

10. A King’s Duty Geoglyph


Map Coordinates: -0649, -2683, 0068

You will find the tenth Geoglyph directly above the North Grasslands close to Lake Hylia.

11. A Master Sword in Time


Map Coordinates: 0892, 2948, 0363

The eleventh Geoglyph can be found directly north of the Great Hyrule Forest. The Dragon Tear on this Geoglyph will be found at the tip of the sword.

After you find all the 11 Dragon’s Tear Geoglyphs, a short cutscene will play showing a dragon dropping a tear. You will find the 12th and final Dragon’s Tear at Rist Peninsula, East of East Akkala Plains. After collecting the last tear, you will complete Zelda TOTK’s Impa and the Geoglyphs quest.

That’s all you need to know about all the Geoglyph locations in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom. For more guides like this, head to our TOTK section on Gamer Tweak.