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Is Genshin Impact Coming to Nintendo Switch? Here’s Everything You Need To Know

Here's everything you need to know about Genshin Impact's Nintendo Switch release date.

The latest free to play action role-playing video game was released is Genshin Impact. It has been a week since Gunshin Impact released but it has become a massive popular across the world. Developed and published by miHoYo, the game is currently available for PC, PS4, Android and iOS platforms.

Since Genshin Impact was not launched for Nintendo Switch, there are millions of people who are wondering when will Genshin Impact’s Switch version out?.


Genshin Impact Nintendo Switch Release Date

Speaking about Genshin Impact’s Switch release date, the head of the miHoYo communication, Sam Lai mentioned that the Switch version of Genshin Impact in under development. The official release date of Genshit Impact’s Switch version and information about the beta tests will be revealed in the times to come.

Currently, the game is getting a phenomenal response on all the above-mentioned platforms on which Genshin Impact was released.


Since the developer of the game has not unleashed the beta test yet, looks like Switch users will have to wait a little more to play Genshin Impact on Switch. As soon as the developer of the game makes any announcement regarding Genshin Impact’s Switch release date, we will update this article.

Genshin Impact Download


PlayStation 4 – All PS4 players can download Genshin Impact for free from the PlayStation Store.

iOS or Android – Any Android and iOS players can easily download Genshin Impact from their App Stores and Google Play Stores respectively.

PC – Instead of using any third party websites, you can directly download the PC version of Genshin Impact from miHOYo’s official website. Besides providing the download file, the official website has all the latest news on the game like tier list, 24 playable characters, and more.


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