Does Genshin Impact Have Spyware And How To Stop Anti-Cheat Software

Is Genshin Impact spying on you? Do you want to disable anti-cheat software. Everything answered here

A lot of people have been tensed about Genshin Impact’s spyware affecting their PC, there are a lot of rumors on the internet and most of them just lead to inconclusive answers and more confusion. If you want to know everything about spyware in Genshin Impact, check here.

Does Genshin Impact Have Spyware

In short, no, Genshin Impact does not have any spyware in the game. Genshin Impact is the latest RPG adventure developed by miHoYo and they’re riled up in a controversy about spyware because of their anti-cheat software. Like any other anti-cheat software, this needs kernel access and this is where the issues arise.

 On their official subreddit, the developers of Genshin Impact stated “We had previously received feedback from some players that when opening Genshin Impact client on PC, the game’s anti-cheat program would automatically run in the background, and that the anti-cheat program would continue to run after exiting or uninstalling the game.

This issue has now been resolved. The game’s anti-cheat program will immediately end once the game client is closed or uninstalled. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused by this issue. We will do our utmost to prevent such issues from occurring again in the future, and will continue optimizing our workflow to bring the highest-quality gaming experience possible to all of our Travelers.”

Genshin Impact’s anti-cheat software used to run even when the game wasn’t being played and could not be stopped without causing issues to the game. The developers have now made sure that the anti-cheat software would not run in the background when the game is closed or uninstalled.

Does Genshin Impact have spyware

Now that we’ve debunked all there is to know about Genshin Impact’s spyware software. If you’re still having second thoughts about Genshin Impact’s anti-cheat software and wish to stop or remove it completely, read ahead.

How To Disable Genshin Impact Anti-Cheat Software

To stop or disable Genshin Impact’s anti-cheat software you will need to open up your command prompt by pressing the Windows key and entering “cmd”. Once the black box is open, type in “sc query mhyprot2” to know the status of the anti-cheat software.

The name of the anti-cheat service is mhyprot2.sys, if you want to end it type in “sc stop mhyprot2”. This service is essential to run the game and without it, there can be untold issues like crashing and other issues in the game.

This method is the easiest when it comes to disabling the anti-cheat software in Genshin Impact. This is all there is to know about Genshin Impact’s spyware software, make sure to check out how to increase Increase Stamina Or Damage In Genshin Impact

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