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Rust Bow Location And Properties: How To Get Rust Bow in Genshin Impact

Here's a complete guide on how to get Rust Bow in Genshin Impact.

If you are playing Genshin Impact then you must know the importance of having a Bow to kill enemies. Bows are one of the five possible weapons that players can use to hit enemies. The best thing about bows in Genshin Impact is you can hit monsters from far away.

There are various bows in Genshin Impact. In this guide, we will be talking about 4-star Rust Bow, which is certainly one of the best choices you can pick in this class. It should be noted that the Rust Bow has a base attack of 42. It also has a Rapid Firing passive, increasing the attack damage of the normal attack by 40% while decreasing the aimed shot damage by 10%.

In order to know Rust Bow’s location and properties, keep reading this guide.

Rust Bow Base Attack & Secondary Stats

  • Rarity – 4 Star
  • Base Attack at Level 1 – 42
  • Secondary Stat Type – Base Attack
  • Secondary Stat at Level 1 – 9%

Genshin Impact Tier List – Bow

  • S – Amos’ Bow, Skyward Harp, Blackcliff Bow, Sacrificial Bow
  • A – The Stringless, Rust, Royal Bow, The Viridescent Hunt, Prototype Crescent
  • B – Alley Hunter, Favonius Warbow, Compound Bow
  • C – Raven Bow, Messenger, Ebony Bow, Sharpshooter’s Oath, Slingshot, Recurve Bow
  • D – Seasoned Hunter’s Bow, Hunter’s Bow

How to Get The Rust Bow in Genshin Impact

Currently, there is no specific location in Genshin Impact where you will get Rust Bow. There are various websites on the internet are claiming to have found the exact location of Rust Bow, which is totally false.

Since Rust Bow is a four-star weapon, you are more likely to get it from Gacha wishes if you are lucky.

As a base, you have a 5.1% chance to get a 4-star weapon in a wish. If you get a 4-star draw, this does not mean that it will be the Rust Bow. It could be any 4-star weapon or character. As soon as we discovered the exact location of Rust Bow, we will update this guide.

This is basically all about the Rust Bow location and where to get it in Genshin Impact. For more such location guides as well as more important things you should know about this game, check our Genshin Impact guides on Gamer Tweak.

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