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Onikabuto Locations Genshin Impact | How To Use Beetles

Here are all of the locations where you can find and farm Onikabuto in Genshin Impact.

Onikabuto is a type of bug in Genshin Impact. As a specialty material, this beetle inhabits very specific areas. You will find this beetle on trees, rocks, within bushes, and occasionally in caves that are in Electro energy-rich places. Though it may look fierce and dangerous, this beetle is actually really docile in nature. If you want to get your own to farm for various reasons then this is the guide for you. Here, we will show you all of the locations that you need to search in order to find Onikabuto beetles in Genshin Impact.

Onikabuto Beetle Locations in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact: Onikabuto Locations

Onikabuto is a local specialty in Inazuma. However, even here, they are only found on four of the islands, namely:

  • Narukami
  • Kannazuka
  • Yashiori
  • Seirai

These beetles respawn every 48 hours within 79 locations on these islands. And so, they are never rare as you will always find a few lurking around somewhere.

What are the Best Places to Farm the Onikabuto Beetle?

While you may find the Onikabuto beetle in plenty of places, there are only a few that have a high density of this beetle that are actually worth searching. These places are:


  • Grand Narukami Shrine
  • Tenshukaku (look under)
  • North of the Kamisato Estate
  • Northeast of the Narugami Shrine
  • Chinjiu Forest


  • Tatarasuna


  • Near the Samurai
  • Northwest from the Statue of the Seven


  • Southwest of Amakumo Peak

What is the Onikabuto Used for?

The Onikabuto can be useful as ascension materials as well as crafting components in Genshin Impact. Just like with other bugs, you can use this one to craft the Electro Treasure Compass as well. It will scout out hidden treasure chests for you as you go about your journey.

This was your Genshin Impact guide on all of the locations where you can find the Onikabuto beetle. Now that you know how to get and farm this beetle, why don’t you check out this guide on the Pity system in Genshin Impact?