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Genshin Impact Launch Button Greyed Out: How To Fix

Know the reason for Genshin Impact launch button greyed out error & how to fix it. Here are the options to try for PC, PS4 & mobile devices.

Genshin Impact is an awesome game that honestly deserves all the praise and success it is getting. With loads of secrets, quests and other challenges, players do not have a dull moment while playing this game. Plus, it is free to play and this fact has added to its popularity. There are more reasons why it’s steadily growing worldwide. But there are also some issues that players are facing – specifically the one about the Genshin Impact launch button greyed out. Find out the reason behind this error and the things you can try to fix it.

How to Fix Genshin Impact Launch Button Greyed Out Issue


When you see that your launch button is greyed out in Genshin Impact, it means that your game is having issues with the regional servers of miHoYo. But don’t worry, your game is not broken. This is a bug that you can easily fix. It is similar to the Failed to Check for Updates error that you’ve seen before in Genshin Impact. When you launch the game on any device like the PS4, PC or mobile, Genshin Impact will search the servers for new downloadable items. Basically, this Genshin Impact launch button greyed out error is from the side of the client and could be due to an interruption like internet issues or something else.

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So, the potential solutions of the Genshin Impact launch button greyed out are as follows. With these steps, hopefully, you will be able to solve this error.

  • Check if your internet connection is stable. Choose a wired connection if possible.
  • If your internet is working fine, you need to close the game and launch it again from the local filepath.
  • For that, head to the file manager and open the game from the Genshin Impact folder.
  • Open the file which has .exe on it. Launch it from there instead of the desktop shortcut on PC.

In case this didn’t fix things, check if you have the updated version of the game. If not, download the latest update immediately. Use the Update Program file to make this happen. This will force the game to update if it didn’t happen automatically.

How To Fix Launch Button Greyed Out

None of this works? Then you may have to uninstall and reinstall the game. Don’t worry about losing your progress, though, because your data will be saved on servers. Due to this feature, thankfully, your efforts won’t go to waste.

For PS4 users, you can first make sure that your internet connection is good. Try doing a hard reset to see if this issue is fixed. You need to check for the latest update in this case as well, if you haven’t done it already. This can be done by clicking on the game and trying to launch it on the PS4. The fixes are similar for mobile devices too so be sure to try that out.

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