Genshin Impact: All Version 1.4 Hidden Achievements

Here's everything about hidden achievements in Genshin Impact.

Mihoyo has released the Version 1.4 update for Genshin Impact on March 17th, 2021. This gives us a new Cryo character Rosaria, few new 4-5 star types of equipment, new events like Hangout Events, and many more contents. But one thing kept secret from the travelers is the introduction of secret achievements. And you might be confused about how to complete them to collect their rewards too. So today we will be looking at all version 1.4 hidden achievements in Genshin Impact.

All Version 1.4 Hidden Achievements in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact 1.4 Hidden Achievements

Here’s a table of all the hidden achievements available in Genshin Impact ver 1.4 :

A Line That May Be Crossed 20 Primogems Complete “Wellspring of Healing” and unlock all Barbara Hangout Event’s ending.
A Maid of Strength and Virtue 20 Primogems Complete “Chivalric Training” and unlock all Noelle’s Hangout Event endings.
A World Known Only Unto Roses 5 Primogems Read Noelle’s study notes, when she is sitting in the library.
An Idol’s Last Line of Defense 5 Primogems Successfully persuade Albert and Barbara’s other fans to leave. Don’t choose the Barbara is on leave option.
Archaic Lord of Lightning and Blitz 5 Primogems Witness the awesome meteorological power of Bennett’s phenomenally bad luck
Behold, mine evil-espying eye! 5 Primogems Correctly interpret all clues
Evil is banished 20 Primogems Complete “Signs of Evil” and unlock all Chongyun’s Hangout Event endings.
Fantastic Voyage: Prologue 20 Primogems Complete “Fantastic Voyage” and unlock all Bennett’s Hangout Event endings
For I Am Duty Bound 5 Primogems Help Noelle discover the source of her strength by getting a specific story ending.
Force Field Erosion 5 Primogems Destroy the Electro Hypotasis barrier, then destroy the next pillars easily with any pyro character.
Mondstadt’s Spiciest Surprise 5 Primogems Sample Barbara’s Chilibrew. Choose the Sweet Flowers when traveling with Barbara.
Red hot chili popsicles 5 Primogems Make a popsicle using the wrong recipe and provoke Chongyun’s Pure-Yang Spirit.
Silence, you raving lunatic 5 Primogems Defeat the Abyss Herald. They are part of the Abyss Order, who are the sworn enemies of humanity and the surface civilization of Teyvat.
Sneering at the power of the gods 5 Primogems Learn about the “Loom of Fate”.
The bandit, the lunatic, and the pitch-black enigma 5 Primogems Uncover the grand thief’s fate.
The Power of Luck 5 Primogems Activate the mechanisms and obtain the treasure without making any mistakes.
We will be reunited 5 Primogems Complete “We Will Be Reunited”.
Where fate comes to a crossroads 5 Primogems Escape the eerie ruins.
You could hear Paimon all along, couldn’t you? 5 Primogems Even Paimon gets tired sometimes. Turn the Dialog Volume high and lower in your options.

That’s all the information you need to know about all version 1.4 hidden achievements in Genshin Impact.  Also as the new Version 1.4 is out, make sure to check out more of our Genshin Impact Guides.