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Genshin Impact: How To Find Prince (Margaret’s Longing)

Follow these tricks to find prince and capture him easily.

In the Margaret’s Longing quest in Genshin Impact, you are tasked with finding Prince. This missing black cat belongs to Margaret. Even if you find it, catching it will be slightly challenging because it will try to run off and vanish. In this Genshin Impact find prince guide, we will tell you some tactics to use to complete this part of the quest.


Genshin Impact: How to Find Prince & Catch Him


The answer to your question of where to find Prince in Genshin Impact is this: First, use elemental sight which will show you a trail of footprints. Keep following it until you spot the cat in Mondstadt. If you aren’t careful, the cat will be alerted of your presence and it will speed off and vanish. If this happens, don’t worry. You can use the elemental sight to follow it again.

How to capture the black cat


There is a certain trick to use to catch Prince. While the cat is walking away from you, approach it slowly and then quickly dash to catch prince in Genshin Impact. So, crouch from behind to ensure that your footsteps are quieter. Switch to walking and turn back if the cat turns towards you, because Prince has very sharp senses. You need to catch it off guard otherwise it will escape and disappear.


There’s another more aggressive way to go about it. Simply get up to a roof, jump down and catch the cat as you do a slam attack. Press the button prompt to capture it immediately because you don’t want the naughty rascal of Mondstadt to escape again.

Apart from these, you can try to lure Prince with some Fish. Use the Fish you already have or visit the lake to collect some if you don’t have them. Margaret will give you Fish to help you out as well. As a reward for catching the cat, you will receive 18,000 Mora, 300 Adventure points, 4 Mystic Enhancement Ore and 2 Hero’s Wit.

So, if you’ve been facing trouble with this objective to find Prince, these tricks should help you out. Note that your combat skills will be replaced during the part of capturing Prince. Get more such useful tips and strategies in our Genshin Impact Wiki on Gamer Tweak!