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How To Start & Complete Genshin Impact Equivalent Exchange Quest Guide

Genshin Impact Equivalent Exchange World Quest Walkthrough: Guide on starting location, requirements & how to complete it to earn rewards in Mondstadt.

Food is an important part of Genshin Impact and we’ve already covered a lot of guides on how to farm resources to prepare delicious meals. But with the help of the Equivalent Exchange quest in Genshin Impact, you can also deliver items to get some rewards. Many players are curious to know how to start this quest and how to complete it as well as what you get as a reward. Look no further because this walkthrough guide will tell you all the requirements and information you need to know.

How to Start Genshin Impact Equivalent Exchange Quest?


To start the Genshin Impact Equivalent Exchange quest, you have to complete the Tales of Winter commission. Talk to Viktor (Fatui diplomat) in the Mondstadt cathedral who will tell you that he needs some local specialty items delivered. Now, you have to interact with NPCs in the world and complete this quest by gathering the items and giving them to Viktor.

How to Complete Equivalent Exchange Quest?

Follow these steps to complete this quest successfully and earn rewards:


  • Talk to Sara in Good Hunter and ask if she’s selling any Mondstadt Specialties.


  • Prepare a Satisfying Salad and give it to her. You will get Good Hunter’s Specialty Dish.
  • Head to the gate of Mondstadt, talk to Flora and ask her the same question about Mondstadt specialties. Reply with yes and you will get Dandelions from her. If you say no then you will have to search for Dandelions in the wild so it’s best to reply with a yes.
  • Talk to Charles, the bartender, in Angel’s Share and ask about Mondstadt Specialties.
  • Visit the location in the southeast region of Dawn Winery to get the ingredients as asked by Charles.



  • Beat the enemies there and get the item as soon as you clear the camp.
  • Go back to Charles and talk to him. You will get Special Beverage from Angel’s Share.
  • The last thing to go is head back to Viktor at the Mondstadt Cathedral and talk to him to deliver the Mondstat Specialties he wants.

Equivalent Exchange Quest Rewards


For your efforts, you get some good Equivalent Exchange Quest rewards:

  • 100 Adventure Experience
  • 30,000 Mora
  • 4 Hero’s Wit

So, that is everything about this guide but there are lots more you can complete in this massive game! We’ve noted all of it in our Genshin Impact guides so make sure to head over to it and get all the rewards fast!