Genshin Impact Available on Epic Games Store Next Week

Genshin Impact is coming to the Epic Games Store as officially confirmed today by the developer miHoYo.

Genshin Impact free download on Epic Games Store

Genshin Impact is about to open its doors to many other players, as the miHoYo game will arrive very soon on the Epic Games Store, with also some free surprises particularly welcome for users. We are talking specifically about 9 June, a day that is not accidental, since it is about when the update 1.6 will arrive.

All those who habitually use the Fortnite creators’ store, as well as the Unreal Engine 5, which is talked about a lot, will therefore be able to experience the open-world adventure on the same client, which could be much more comfortable for many than the classic official launcher.

As specified in the Tweet of the official account, players will also soon be able to redeem a free gift with new content to improve their account within this game as a service.

The developer has already confirmed that they will support cross-save with the official PC client accounts and with the mobile version, although unfortunately the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 versions are currently excluded from the package.

Although this is not a particularly significant change, it is certainly nice to see how the developer continues to support his work, making it gradually more accessible to all players, who, as always, have the opportunity to jump into the magnificent wastes of Genshin Impact completely free.

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