Genshin Impact Developer Has No Plans for An Xbox Version

Genshin Impact will be enriched by a large number of new features but, at least for the moment, there is no Xbox version expected.

Through some recent statements released by the development studio of Genshin Impact, MiHoYo, the developers would be working on a large amount of content to add to the free-to-play RPG, including new characters, locations and versions, so that they can update constantly the gaming experience and to be able to maintain high levels of turnout of players.

In an interview granted to IGN Japan, miHoYo stated that the title would only be in a primeval phase, and that it will be kept active, thanks to the constant addition of content, updates, and optimizations.

At the same time, the Chinese development studio said that, at least for the moment, it has no plans to work on a version of Genshin Impact for Xbox, which is currently available for PlayStation 4, PC, Android and iOS devices and, in the coming months, also on Nintendo Switch.

“As a free-to-play online title, Genshin Impact enables players to explore Mondstadt and Liyue Harbor – two of the seven major cities in Teyvat – each with unique cultural ambience, stories, vast surrounding landscapes full of diverse creatures and enemies, mysteries, and hidden treasures. Furthermore, the game will continue to expand with more cities, following stories, new characters, and seasonal events through live-service updates to enrich the gameplay and expedition in the continent of Teyvat,” can be read from the official press release.”

For the moment it is not yet possible to know if the game will ever be released on Microsoft’s home consoles, but the developers have invited players to express their opinion on the title and on what they would expect to see in the future of the title, declaring that ongoing decisions will be made based on user feedback.

While MiHoYo has no immediate plans to add new mechanics to the title, its purpose is to evolve the world of Genshin Impact from its current state. The game launched with twenty characters and two main locations, and the developer has stated that more character-specific missions, and a third city are currently in development.