Genshin Impact Daily Login Rewards Guide

Here's how to get daily login rewards in Genshin Impact.

The Genshin Impact daily login reward system will help you earn loads of rewards for free. Through this method, you will receive a stupendous 100 Primogems & 10000 Mora in your first login. As you keep logging in, you can unlock more awesome rewards. But, the best part is that you don’t have to use your PC to check in and claim your freebies – your Android and iOS app will work too. Here’s how to claim your daily check in rewards in Genshin Impact.

How to Get Daily Login Rewards in Genshin Impact

Daily Check in on Android and iOS

  • First, download the Hoyolab app on your Android or iOS device and log in to your own account.
  • Then, you should see the ‘Daily Check-In’ section right away. Make sure to enable the notification as well.

Daily Check in on PC

All players can log in daily to the HoYoLAB Community to claim Primogems and many more rewards every day.

Here’s how to get daily rewards by checking in daily:

  • Open the official HoYoLab community website from here.
  • Register your Genshin Impact account in the HoYoLAB Community.
  • Use your game account email and set a password.
  • Complete the verification process to join the community.

how to get daily check in genshin impact rewards

  • Once logged in, click the Daily check-in button on the right side of the home page.
  • This will take you directly to the Daily Login Rewards page.
  • You will also receive 100 Primogems & 10000 Mora in your first login.
  • Claim the rewards from in-game mail in the Genshin Impact game.
  • For PS4 players to get access to the daily check in event, link your PSN account to your Mihoyo account and you should be able to get it done.

genshin impact daily login guide

List of Rewards in a Month

You will receive the below rewards per month:

Adventurer’s Experience 26 (52,000 XP)
Bird Egg 3
Fine Enhancement Ore 16 (32,000 XP)
Fish 3
Fowl 3
Hero’s Wit 5 (100,000 XP)
Mora 67,000
Primogem 60
Raw Meat 3

List of Daily Login Rewards in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact Daily Login

For more details about the rewards per each day, refer to the below chart:

Day 1 Adventurer’s Experience 3
Day 2 Fine Enhancement Ore 3
Day 3 Adventurer’s Experience 2
Day 4 Fowl 3
Day 5 Mora 5,000
Day 6 Mora 8,000
Day 7 Primogem 20
Day 8 Adventurer’s Experience 3
Day 9 Fine Enhancement Ore 3
Day 10 Adventurer’s Experience 2
Day 11 Raw Meat 3
Day 12 Mora 5,000
Day 13 Mora 8,000
Day 14 Primogem 20
Day 15 Adventurer’s Experience 5
Day 16 Fine Enhancement Ore 5
Day 17 Adventurer’s Experience 3
Day 18 Bird Egg 3
Day 19 Mora 5,000
Day 20 Mora 8,000
Day 21 Primogem 20
Day 22 Adventurer’s Experience 5
Day 23 Fine Enhancement Ore 5
Day 24 Fish 3
Day 25 Adventurer’s Experience 3
Day 26 Mora 5,000
Day 27 Mora 8,000
Day 28 Hero’s Wit 5
Day 29 Mora 5,000
Day 30 Mora 5,000
Day 31 Mora 5,000

Daily Check In Rewards Not Working?

If you have been logging in daily but haven’t received your rewards, it could be a glitch that Mihoyo that may be fixed by logging out and logging back in, or it could be that you have logged into a different account. Remember to use the account that you are using for playing.

So that’s everything you need to know about how to get daily login rewards in Genshin Impact. For more tips & tricks from this game check out our Genshin Impact Guides.