How To Fix Genshin Impact 9203 Error

Find out how to solve the Genshin Impact 9203 error where it says 'Failed to download resource files or network error'.

If you are getting the Genshin Impact 9203 Error, then you are one among the many players who are also facing similar problems. It can be pretty frustrating to encounter errors like this or 9908. You may be wondering what to do when this issue comes up, and that is why we’ve created this quick guide for you. Keep reading to know the Genshin Impact 9203 Error fix.

Genshin Impact 9203 Error Fix

Genshin Impact 9203 Error Fix

With the Genshin Impact error code 9203, you will see a message “Failed to download resource files or network error. Please try again.” Try the following things to fix it permanently.

  • Close the game, restart your PC and check if the error persists.
  • Check your antivirus to see if it’s causing problems with Genshin Impact. Disable it for the duration of playing the game.
  • Check if the files are corrupted or missing and you can do it by verifying game file integrity.
  • Test if your internet connection is working properly or not.
  • Use a paid VPN with the game if you have it already.

For a majority of players, the “turn off PC and turn it back on” process will help you out. But if none of these fixes work then you can use cmd as admin. With the command prompt, you can use the commands ipconfig /release, ipconfig /renew, ipconfig /flushdns which should solve this problem.

Another thing that players are suggesting is to exit the client, open cmd and type the following:

  • sc stop mhyprot2
  • sc delete mhyprot2

Then restart the game and then it should work without throwing the 9203 Error code. This trick will basically delete the anti-cheat service from your device.

Lastly, if you are getting this error on mobile, try clearing your app cache and see if the problem gets solved.

That’s everything on how to fix Genshin Impact 9203 Error. We hope these work for you and you can continue your adventure in the game without interruptions. Once you’ve got the game up and running, you may need some extra tips and tricks to master it as well and our Genshin Impact guides will help you right away.