Genshin Impact TCG Tier List: Best Cards To Use In Genius Invokation

These are the best cards that you should use for Genius Invokation in Genshin Impact.

Here is our Tier List of the Best character Cards in Genius Invokation TCG in Genshin Impact. This is a new card game introduced within Genshin Impact with the version 3.3 of the game. Players that are familiar with the card games like Gwent will love this game. But even if you haven’t played that or any other card game these cards in this list will help you out. So let us quickly check the Genshin Impact TCG card Tier List for Genius Invokation.

Genshin Impact TCG Tier List – Best Characters Ranked for Genius Invokation

genshin impact genius invokation tcg cards tier list

Character Card Tier
Keqing S Tier
Mona S Tier
Kamisato Ayaka S Tier
Ganyu S Tier
Xiangling S Tier
Xingqiu A Tier
Bennett A Tier
Chongyun A Tier
Diluc A Tier
Barbara A Tier
Fischl A Tier
Noelle A Tier
Fatui Pyro Agent A Tier
Kaeya B Tier
Maguu Kenki B Tier
Oceanid B Tier
Jadeplume Terrorshroom B Tier
Sucrose B Tier
Ningguang B Tier
Razor B Tier
Diona C Tier
Jean C Tier
Collei C Tier
Mirror Maiden C Tier
Stonehide Lawachurl C Tier

Do remember that this game mode has become available only recently, thus we are still learning about the best cards. As we play and experiment more with them, and learn about the meta we will make changes to this list if needed. But if you play with the S Tier cards recommended above, you are sure to win most matches. Of course, there are other factors as well like the Event cards you receive, your dice rolls, and most importantly how you play using these cards. But as long as you play well or are lucky the S Tier cards, and even the A Tier cards should be good for you.

That covers this guide on the best character cards Tier List for Genius Invokation TCG in Genshin Impact. If you found this list useful I suggest you also check out our Genshin Impact guides to get more help on other topics of this game. And for more such useful lists for other games be sure to check out our Tier Lists section.