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YouTuber Runs Gears of War 3 On PlayStation 3

Gears of War series has been one of the driving factors in selling Xbox consoles as was an Xbox exclusive title until Gears 5 but people have been known throughout history to do weird things and one particular person ported Gears of War 3 to the PlayStation 3.

This PlayStation 3 version of Gear of War 3 was uploaded to YouTube by user Proto. In the YouTube video of the entire campaign of Gears of War 3, Proto says that this version of the game is being run on the PlayStation 3 devkit which has more ram, and this being one of the significant reasons to make the game work.


A lot of the features of this game can be run, but there are certain places where the game breaks and apart from that, the game looks absolutely amazing. It should be noted that this is Build May 19, 2011.

There was another January 2011 build but it did not run, according to the description provided by the YouTube user. You can check out this amazing feat by checking out the video here.

While the world is rushing towards the next-gen consoles, it is nice to know that the older generation of consoles aren’t forgotten and people are still finding surprising things to come up with.


This build isn’t without its fault but there is genuine happiness to know that a console is being able to run a game that didn’t even release for it.

Hopefully, there will be more surprises as we head along in the future towards the release of the new-gen consoles.