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Gears 5 Save Del or JD – Who Will You Save

Stuck with the choice, then you are on the right page

Queen Reyna appears in further levels of Gears 5 who took JD and Del as a hostage. You have only one choice to pick save JD or Del in Gears 5. According to the scene, it looks there will be an impact on the ending depending whom you save, we will try to solve this mystery in this guide. What happens if you save Del in Gears 5 or What happens if you save JD. Does Gears 5 Ending changes?

Multiple Choice – Saving Del or Saving JD?


Whomever you choose to save, there will be no impact on the game-ending. But there will be a little change in the cinematics and the way characters like Marcus reacts to death. He will be sadder if he finds that you choose to save JD and sacrificed Del’s life. The game moves further in the same pace. So it entirely depends on you whom you choose to save, Del or JD.

Gears 5 whom will you save

The game continues with the same storyline and at the end, the entire team meets up and swears to find the Queen to revenge the death. Saving JD or Saving Del does not have any kind of impact in the further gameplay. So pick one of your choices.