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Gears 5 Every Easter Egg You Can Find In The Game

Do not miss these secrets

Easter Eggs are just amazing and they reveal some hidden secret connected with games and other real-world things. In Gears 5 there are some easter eggs you will love to find and in this guide, you will get the locations and screenshots of every easter egg. There are six easter eggs in Gears 5, they can be accessed through random encounter while playing the game. Read the Gears 5 easters eggs location below and keep your eyes open.

Gears 5 All Six Easter Eggs Location

Below is the chapter-wise details and screenshots of all six Gears 5 Easter Eggs. Hope you do not miss anyone.

Easter Egg 1 – The Coalition Thanks Message

Gears 5 Easter Egg guide

At the very beginning of the game when you are Azura – Abandoned Research Facility in the waters you can find a Thank you Message from the game developer. This easter egg is available in Act 1 Chapter 1 while walking through the facility look for a big waterfall and then look down in the water. Use the drone scan to look for the thank you message in the water.

Easter Egg 2 – The Fish Stick “Breakers Mace”

Gears 5 Easter Egg guide

In the same Act 1 Chapter 1 moving further you will pass through sewers where you will face a few enemies for the first time. Before entering into the tunnel shoot down the four valves around to unlock Breakers Mace, a cool looking Fish on a Stick weapon that acts as an axe.

Easter Egg 3 – Break The Chairs

Gears 5 Easter Egg guide

In the same Act 1 Chapter 1 after beating an alien boss you will enter in the building, you will learn to use the Drone and keep moving forward until you will reach a place with stairs right in the front. There are control rooms around, on the right of stairs there is a room full of chairs. Playing as JD just run through the chairs multiple time creating a mess in the room.

Easter Egg 4 – Hamilton

Gears 5 Easter Egg guide

In the same Act 1 Chapter 2 while continuing the story path you will come across a poster while heading to the main stage.

Easter Egg 5 – Stop Terrorizing The Plants

Gears 5 Easter Egg guide

In the same Act 2 Chapter 1 after the combat look for a greenhouse on the right of region. There are three pots, shoot to break them and be ready to face some music. You will hear a lot of bad words for this act.

Easter Egg 6 –  The Piano

Gears 5 Easter Egg guide

In the beginning Act 4 Chapter 1 after facing the combat, you will see giant mech suits, patrolling around. One of them will lift your team up to another level of the house. Walk through the broken walls and you will come across a piano. Walk towards it left and press X.

So these are all six Easter Eggs in Gears 5.

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