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Gears 5 Act 2 Chapter 4 All Collectibles Location

Find all three collectibles

There are ten different collectibles in Act 2 Chapter 4 The Source of it All Mission. All these 10 collectibles are scattered into different places in the snowy region. If you are stuck with finding them then you can use our guide to locate all the Gears 5 Act 2 Chapter 4 collectibles one by one. I am going to add the exact location where you have to search with hints to get the collectibles. Many of them are very easy to find, and some are bit placed in remote locations. So let’s begin.

Gears 5 Act 2 Chapter 4 – 10 Collectibles Locations


Below are the locations of all ten different collectibles you have to find in Act 2 Chapter 4 of Gears 5.

Collectible 1 – Security Memorandum Location

Gears 5 Act 2 Chapter 4 All Collectibles Guide


Go to East Tower Substation, look for the exact same building as shown in the image above. Forcefully open the door, go to the room on the left side. Walk right near the wooden shelf opposite of the frozen body. The first collectible Security Memorandum is on the left.

Gears 5 Act 2 Chapter 4 All Collectibles Guide

Collectible 2 & 3 – Krav’s Locust Tag & Grindlift Actuator Component


There are two collectibles in Old Derrick Site region. Once you reach, look for the big flag, start walking front the left towards a dead body, you will find Krav’s Locust Tag. For the second one, turn right and crouch below the fallen metal column, and walk left from the big fallen tree trunk. There will be some enemies here. Keep walking left till the end, and you will reach machinery where you will find Grindlif Actuator Component.

Collectible 4 – Lena’ Scribbles


This is one is easy to find, go to North Tower Substation, look for the tower shown in the image above. The collectible is a handwritten note placed on the right control panel that is used to open the door.

Collectible 5 & 6 – Orders from Ketro Skorge & Grindlift Radiator Component

Old Derrick Site region has two more collectibles, reach the big flag first. Walk straight and look on the right for rusted metal machinery, there is a dead body on the left. Collect Orders from Ketro Skorge. For the second one, turn left and enter the region. Jump down and eliminate a few enemies. Walk straight towards the platform ahead, use stairs to climb up and check pod on the right to collect Grindlift Radiator Component.

Collectible 7 – Letter to Momma

For this, you have to take the ridge on the way to East comm tower. Take left from the flag and continue riding till the end, you will reach a cliff ends, the collectible is near the lamp.

Collectible 8, 9 & 10 – Tooth Necklace, Nethercutt Mining Poster & Nethercutt Miners Journal

The last three collectibles are inside the Abandoned Mines. You will have to reach the Mine’s Entrance. The easiest way is to follow the tracks all the way to the entrance tunnel. On the left there is a shed, go up and collect Frayed Pouncer-Tooth Necklace. Go inside the mine, and turn right towards a blue shutter. Open it and walk to the right room, turn around and you will see a Nethercutt Mining Poster on the metal wall. For the last and final collectible, from the poster location walk straight into the mine and turn left. Look for a yellow door, open it and walk towards the room on the left end. Look on the table for Nethercutt Miner’s Journal.

Get all the collectibles and have fun.