Mass Effect 2 – Should You Let Garrus Kill Sidonis Or Save Him?

There are different consequences of allowing Garrus to kill Sidonis or saving him up.

Garrus finds a way to locate Sidonis who is responsible for his men’s death in Mass Effect 2. As the commander, you will talk with Sidonis, and Garrus takes the aim on this head. Now it is on you if you want to let him live or die. Want to know all the consequences of the Garrus-Sidonis rivalry then keep reading this article.

Should You Let Garrus Shoot Sidonis?

Mass Effect 2 Sidonis

When you start talking to Sidonis, Garrus will try to take the shot. But he cannot as the commander is in the way. This is where the conversation begins where you will get different choices. You can let Sidonis die instantly or talk to him to find more on what happened.

1. Move to the Side – Warn Sidonis:

The first option, if you pick one Garrus takes the shot and thanks to you later. If you choose to Warn Sidonis, you will start a new conversation with Sidonis. He will try to leave, if you do not interrupt Garrus will shoot Sidonis.

2. Let Garrus take the Shot – Keep talking:

Once again you have the power to kill Sidonis. If you pick one, Garrus takes these hot, while if you continue talking, Sidonis will explain what really happened. What has caused the death of Garrus’s men?

3. Don’t do it Garrus – Let Garrus Take the Shot – I Can’t Help you.

Among all these three choices the first is to convince Garrus to let Sidonis live. The other two choices Garrus will take the shot. But if you go with the first one, you will try to convince Garrus to stay down for a while.

4. You’re lucky – Leave.

In both cases, Sidonis can go home without a hole in the head. The only impact is on the cutscene when Garrus meets the commander at the ship. He seems unhappy with the choices.

So this is how you can either save Sidonis or let him die. All Garrus wants is revenge, and within the choices, some can really save the target. Minor changes are noticed in the final cutscene, where at first if you let Garrus shoot Sidonis he will appreciate your help. Or else he won’t be happy with what you did.