Genshin Impact: How To Unlock Garden Of Endless Pillars

Aniket Maurya
3 Min Read

Genshin Impact is an action and adventure MMORPG game with a huge open-world map. The map has multiple regions on it that hide various items and collectibles that can be used to redeem rewards. While wandering the Dune of Carouses in the desert region of Sumeru, you may have encountered a domain by the name Garden of Endless Pillars. In order to unlock the domain, you will have to solve a puzzle with the help of the Pyro character. There’s a correct pattern that needs to be set up on the walls to unlock the Garden of Endless Pillars in Genshin Impact. Check out this guide to know how to solve this Pyro Monument puzzle.

How to Unlock the Garden of Endless Pillars in Genshin Impact

How to unlock Garden of Endless Pillars in Genshin Impact

Here’s how to unlock the Garden of Endless Pillars and redeem all the rewards in the game:

  • Firstly, you must have access to a Pyro user with a Bow, for instance, Amber.
  • Thereafter, when closing in near the area, you will notice there are 5 walls with flowers next to them. Those flowers are actually covered by invisible walls that can be spotted once you get close to them.
  • There are 5 walls with o to 4 flowers next to each of them.
  • All you have to do is shoot the walls with the Pyro Bow in ascending order that is:
    • First Wall: The one with 0 flowers next to it.
    • Second Wall: The one with 1 flower next to it.
    • Third Wall: The one with 2 flowers next to it.
    • Fourth Wall: The one with 3 flowers next to it.
    • Fifth Wall: The one with 4 flowers next to it.
  • The flowers are red in color and are known as the Flaming Flower Stamens in the game.
  • Further, when the puzzle, a doorway will emerge out of the ground available for players to use.
  • Later, it can also be used as a Waypoint for Teleportation.
  • You get the following rewards upon unlocking the Garden of Endless Pillars in Genshin Impact:
    • 40x Primogems
    • 500x Adventure Exp
    • 5x Dendro Sigil
    • 1x 3-Star Gambler Artifact
    • 3x Teachings of Praxis
    • 2x Hero’s Wit
    • 4x Mystic Enhancement Ore
    • 30,000x Mora

That’s how to solve the Garden of Endless Pillars in Genshin Impact. If you found this article helpful, then make sure to check out our other Genshin Impact guides.

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