How to Get Gamma Container In Escape From Tarkov

Prasad More
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Escape From Tarkov is a brutal FPS game where survival is the only goal, the game suddenly got famous recently and now is one of the most-streamed games in the world. This guide will show you how to get the Gamma Container in Escape From Tarkov.

Where to find Gamma Container in Escape From Tarkov

The easiest way to get the Gamma Container is to pre-order the game, this way you can get the closed beta which everyone is flocking on to. Once you reach the page which shows you which version you need to buy you will have to get the Edge of Darkness limited edition version of the game.

This ensures that you get the Container as soon as you enter the game. As you know containers have limited space and instead of losing everything when you die, you can store some precious items in these containers.

As soon as you enter Online events in the game you will lose all the gear that you have, to make sure that you safely get the gear you will have to extract successfully. This is easier said than done though, the safer option is to shell out a bit of cash and invest in a Gamma Container which will ensure that you will still get your items back.

how to get gamma container in escape from tarkov

Of all the containers in Escape From Tarkov, the Gamma Container is the best one that you can get your hands, as of writing this guide there aren’t many other options which ensure that your items are safely kept.

If you have aleady purchased Escape From Tarkov without the Gamma Container, not much can be done to get one. If there are other options added later, we will make sure to add them to this list.

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