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Best Games Like Among Us: Similar Imposter Games To Play (2023)

Here are the best games like Among Us to play with friends. Try these Among Us alternatives that give you a similar experience of imposter games.

If you are on the hunt for the best games like Among Us, here are some similar games that you will like. With these top Among Us alternatives, you can enjoy some more social deduction or imposter games if you ever get bored of the Innersloth game.

Best Social Deduction Imposter Games like Among Us

These games have similar themes of social deduction or impostor games where there is one or more than one traitor and here’s a list of the best ones. You can use your convincing skills and manipulate other players to emerge victorious.



What happens when you combine trust, deception with FPS? You end up with Deceit. It is a game like Among Us where there are innocents and there are the villains (infected in this case). As an innocent, your mission is to escape the asylum and if you are infected, you have to make sure the innocents don’t escape. Where does the trust factor come in? Well, you don’t know who is infected so only talking to other players and watching them can give you a clue. Keep an eye on the blood bags because if one is used, you know there’s an infected player near you. Infected players can then transform and get the power to see in the dark. Creepy but cool! You can play Deceit on PC (Steam).

Project Winter


Want to be the traitor who back stabs other players? You got it. Project Winter is a game where you are located in the snowy regions and you have to work with your friends to ensure your survival. Well, only if you are innocent. If you are a traitor, you have to make sure to stop the survivors. The innocents will have to gather the required resources, fix structures and complete more tasks. The traitors among them will know each other but the survivors will be oblivious to them initially. They need to try their very best to stop the escape of the survivors without having any suspicions towards them. Like Among Us, if you venture off on your own, you can be easily killed by the Traitor, or in this case, even the wildlife.



Barotrauma is a unique take on the betrayal genre – it is a side scrolling game set in a submarine inside Europa’s ocean. There are tasks, hostile dangers and aliens. The game is tough on its own but if you turn on the Traitor option, some of your crew members will become traitors. This adds an extra complexity to an already complex game. Like Among Us, there are elements of Crisis management in this game. It’s the perfect combination of horror, survival and deception. This game is available on PC via Steam.

Unfortunate Spacemen


As Spacemen, you have to complete some tasks and survive but your crew is infiltrated by a monster. Sabotage, lies, betrayal – it has all the elements of Among Us but in a more horror-based style. With an impostor who is trying to impersonate a spaceman and kill the astronauts, this game can become very brutal and complicated quickly. The monster can set up traps too which is something different from Among Us. You can experience this game on PC via Steam and it is free to play!

Town of Salem


For those who love Mafia, Town of Salem is the perfect game. There will be 7 to 15 players that are divided into Town, Mafia and Neutrals. The Town people are the innocents who have to find the Mafia before the Mafia kills them. There are many more roles like the Serial Killer, Jester, Werewolf, Pirate and more which adds a nice spice to the game. Town of Salem is available on iOS, Android and PC.

So, these were all the best games like Among Us that you can play whenever you get bored of Among Us or its servers go down. While you are here, you can check out our latest Among Us guides if you need some extra tips or tricks to win.