Video Game Publishers Wants To Become Neftlix

The period of Game Subscription is started

E3 2019 was full of surprises with some amazing titles revealed with new things that talks a lot about subscriptions based services. Ubisoft had introduced Uplay, a game subscription service where under one subscription gamers can have access to more than 100 titles. Next in the line is Square Enix, Company President and CEO Yosuke Matsuda showed interest about starting studios game subscription service that will put everything from class NES game to latest one under one roof.

Based on an article published by The Verge, game publishers are in the race bringing a subscription service like Netflix. In simple worlds, a Netflix of the game will bring out the best titles under a monthly subscription plan and there are possibilities Game Cloud Streaming technology will have a big part in this.

Google Stadia, Microsoft Project xCloud is gaming streaming services, they offer a platform to play games online irrespective to their platforms like a console or a PC. Install the game client and you are good to go.

Monty Subscription services will be the next big thing we will see soon in the gaming world. The question is will this impact new launches, will this be the end of single titles or are game studios pitching the services too early?

The benefit of Subscription-based service is it provides people to pick between old and new games, no need to own a physical or digital version of every title. Similar to Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited, a user does not have to buy every book, instead of on a monthly payment the user can access to hundreds of title, read them for free until they have an active account. Such subscription-based services add the luxury of choice, helping out people to have what they want, instead of single title purchase that turns out expensive.

Game Subscription services will impact many online stores and chains like Game The Shop, the service will be offered directly by the game publishers without any middle man involved reducing the cost and making fast delivery possible. Netflix, Disney, WarnerMedia, Hulu, etc are big in TV and Film streaming. They bring out their exclusive content to their members, under one price window.

If we can have something like this for gaming then possibly there will be a big shift in the gaming world. Especially when Xbox, PlayStation, or Nintendo Stores adds the feature, no more buying.