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Origin Vs Steam Vs Epic Games: Which Is The Best Game Store?

Check out our guide to find out the best games store among the Origin, Steam, or Epic Games to buy PC games.

Do you remember the times when you have to buy DVDs to play a PC game? I do remember and trust me it was not an easy feat. PC gaming has been developed and expanded over the decades, now. Currently, all we have to do is head over to a website and download the required game. Want to play Fortnite or CSGo? Download and play it in a few hours! Saves many hassles of heading over to an actual shop. But some players are confused to choose these game clients or stores. So, here’s our guide to finding out the best games store to pick among Origin, Steam, or Epic Games for PC games.


Steam v Epic Games v Origin (2022)

While all three of these game clients have a wide range of PC games, they differ in the exclusive game titles. For example, you need to head to Steam for CS: Go. Alternatively, if you want to play Fortnite, you need to head to the Epic Games. So, let’s discuss these three-game stores in more detail.


One of the best things about Steam is its wide range of game titles. These titles range from free-to-play classics like Dota 2, CS: Go, and Apex Legends to paid games like Elden Ring and Cyberpunk 2077. As you play on Steam, you also have access to Steam Deck. For those that don’t know, Steam Deck is a portable handheld gaming computer.

steam v epic v origin


Steam also has access to some of the EA games like Madden NFL 22, FIFA 22, Sims series, and Star Wars Fallen Order. Aside from this, Steam also offers user reviews for every game. And allows chatting or adding friends on Steam. It even offers an in-game voice chat. So, that makes it a partially social networking platform. If you are aware of the Steam Market, it is the best place to purchase skins and other in-game items. The best perks of this game client include their seasonal and special offers. During these offers, players can buy games at great deals with discounts.

Epic Games

Now, this game client and store do not feature game titles as extensive as Steam. But the best factor of Epic Games is that it offers a free game once a week. During that period, I purchased GTA 5, Control, Saints Row: The Third Remastered, and Star Wars Battlefront II for free. Quite awesome, isn’t it?


They also feature some exclusive games like Fortnite and Genshin Impact. In addition to that, Epic Games also features special offers that allow players a lot of discounts. But compared to Steam, it lacks user ratings and in-game communication. Hence, players have to install third-party applications such as Discord to communicate with other players.


Origin is a gaming store that allows players to purchase a wide range of EA games. Even though you can find most of these games on Steam itself, buying EA games from Origin has one advantage. They can be purchased at a much cheaper price than Steam. While their range isn’t as extensive as Steam, Origin does offer some games free. If you play EA games more than usual, you can also purchase their subscriptions.


steam epic origin best game stores

As you buy the EA play subscription, you can play all of their titles for free. A few exclusive titles not available for free are purchasable at a great discount. Upon purchasing the EA Play Pro subscription, you can also enjoy early access to the new games.

Which is the Best Games Store to Buy PC Games

The answer to this question can vary from the player. In my opinion, Steam stands the best among the three.

Apart from a plethora of games, Steam also features community to communicate with friends, the Steam market, and seasonal offers. Overall, Steam has the best user interface among all three, too.

But if you are looking for some exclusive games like Fortnite, we suggest Epic Games. Although they lack a community like Steam, they do offer free games (*evil laughter). For that, I believe they are doing a great job at treating the players right.

Speaking of the Origin store, it’s the best for players that exclusively enjoy playing EA titles.

In the end, the decision to choose one of these game stores is totally up to you.

That’s all on the best game stores among Steam, Epic Game, or Origin for PC Games. If you liked this guide, check out our other Video Gaming guides right here on Gamer Tweak.