Valorant This Game Is Not Available On Your Operating System Fix

Here is a guide on how to fix the "this game is not available on your operating system" error in Valorant.

Bugs and Errors are the bane to many gamers. They always ruin a player’s day as they are unable to play their favorite game. Such problems like Valorant throwing an exception of not recognizing the OS of your PC can be frustrating. Today I will explain how to fix the ‘Game Is Not Available On Your Operating System Error’ in Valorant.

How to Fix Operating System Not Found Error in Valorant

game not available error

This game is not available on your operating system problem arises due to either Valorant not loading properly or there was an issue with the OS and Valorant. In such cases, restarting Valorant is the best solution to the problem. Better yet rebooting the PC itself may prove to be an effective fix. Another thing you can do is to check if any Windows Updates are pending. Getting those sorted will help you tremendously. Running Valorant on Windows OS Versions that are not compatible with Valorant can also lead to this problem.

Speaking of compatibility, try running Valorant by making it compatible with Windows 8 version. To achieve this, Right-Click on Valorant and select the Properties option. There will be a Compatibility Tab, under that there will be an option to Run this program in compatibility mode for: Windows 8. Once this is done, restart your system. If the problem persists then check if your Drivers are up to date. In the Start Menu search for Device Manager. In Device Manager, find Display Adapters you should be able to see your Graphics Card. Check if there are updates for it by Right-Clicking and select Update Drivers.

The last thing you can try is to delete the Config and Logs files of Valorant. To do so click ⊞ Win + R, the Run Tab will pop up and in its search for AppData. It should take you to a folder with an address similar to C:\Users\Username\AppData\Local. In this folder find Valorant and select it. You will find the Config and Logs files under it. Now you can delete them and restart your PC. This will fix your problem if everything else fails.

This was all about This game is not available on your operating system error in Valorant. Hopefully, this guide helped you in resolving it.