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Game Builder Garage Codes ID List (October 2021)

Here are the Game Builder Garage Game IDs that you can use to download and play games shared by other creators/programmers.

Are you looking to exchange Game Builder Garage codes to download and check out games made by others? Look no further because in this article, we will mention some of the best GBG codes and Game IDs that creators have shared online.

Game Builder Garage Codes List – Best Games to Play


We’ve collected some Game Builder Garage (GBG) codes and IDs that you can check out and play.

  • GTA V Garage Edition v1.1 by ShuggyTheBuggy – Code: G-003-871-HBP
  • GTA Garage Edition v2 [MASSIVE 3D UPDATE] by ShuggyTheBuggy – Code: G-001-0YN-90M
  • Recreation of Game & Watch: Ball by @LeavingLuck – Code: G-008-JD0-GJR
  • PT Remake by @banYongthom – Code: G-002-XG2-9WT
  • F-Zero by ZeldaBoi – Code: G-002-54C-N4P
  • Box Popping by PokkaBokka – Code: G-005-5V8-KPW
  • Tomb of the Bittersweet Fruit by Linkuigi – Code: G-005-0yt-779
  • Nintendogs by @ichrin_anemone – Code: G-004-5JR-906
  • Sonic 3D by AliVe – Code: G-008-T70-PX3
  • Robot Factory by thatanimeweirdo – Code: G-006-736-3MY
  • PacMan by ClarFon – Code: G-002-LRJ-9RB
  • Warioware: Metroid by Siactro – Code: G-001-7MX-NBG
  • Flappy Bird by Tanfor – Code: G-002-KNG-M34
  • Dino Runner by u/zocker9000 – Code: G-007-J4D-M3G
  • Mario 64 Lava Land by @Aybee9298 – Code: G-007-XVM-D6R
  • Stealth game by @OniLink – Code: G-004-R4R-MCJ
  • Doom Eternal by MrTiffles – Code: G-002-CYJ-CW1
  • Amogus by DaSussy – Code: G-001-6NM-7VB
  • SUPERHOT Garage by Yukon – Code: G-002-LRM-JWV
  • Mario Kart by ZeldaBoi – Code: G-001-X6H-M41
  • Earthbound demo by Zeldaboi – Code: G-003-H4Y-M3Y
  • Minecraft Garage by Carson – Code: G-002-91L-03F
  • DBZ Clash by Ashachu-6151 – Code: G-002-732-B5B
  • WarioWare: Metroid by Siactro – Code: G-006-NV4-9XM
  • Sonic 3D 2.0 Green Hill by AliVe – Code: G-008-1WD-PCT
  • Hit The Targets by JoyCon – Code: G-002-FT7-X6D
  • Trash Bandicoot by tallez – Code: G-008-2PT-0KT
  • Ronald’s Filet-O-Fish – Code: G-007-3JF-B2G

  • Link Goes Crazy! – Code: G-000-BF3-2CD

For more GBG codes and game IDs, you can either check social media channels to see if creators have shared any new ones. When more fun games are available, we will update this article with the codes for them as well, so bookmark this page right away!


How to Use Game Builder Garage ID Codes

If you want to use a GBG code that you have discovered and want to play the game, here are the steps to do it:

  1. In Game Builder Garage, select Free Programming.
  2. You will see the buttons Share and Receive on the left. Click on Receive.
  3. Next, select Receive from Online.
  4. Then enter a Game ID or Programmer ID.
  5. Confirm the game you want to download and select Receive from Online.
  6. It will then search for the game and download it.
  7. That’s it! the game will show up in the All Games section. You can click on it and start playing instantly.


how to use nintendo game builder garage codes

gbg codes and game ids to download games

Types of Games you can Build and Play

Game Builder Garage is where you can learn to make video games of your own. It’s a software available on Nintendo Switch where you can get crucial knowledge about game design basics. Plus, you will learn visual programming through lessons as well.


These are the multiple types of games that you can create with the help of the guided lessons.

  • Tag Showdown
  • On a Roll
  • Thrill Racer
  • Mystery Room
  • Risky Run
  • Alien Blaster

But with what you learn through the lessons, you can create any kind of game with the assets that you get in Game Builder Garage. The sky is the limit in terms of creativity.

So, go ahead and make your own games and try out the ones made by others too. If you play any Roblox games, we’ve got loads of codes that you can use to get freebies in the games, so check them out!