Announcements that would certainly have jaw-dropping moments at Gamescom 2019.

Prasad More
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Gamescom 2019 is almost here and Video games tend to catch a major spotlight on the internet and owning to a huge fanbase all over the world. Sometimes video games do the unthinkable and just take over all of the social media and get plastered all over the internet.

With more and more people getting into gaming this year’s Gamescom might just pull a fast one on everyone and literally break the internet.

These are still somewhat wishful thinking but if these titles were to be announced it would certainly be a major talking point.

10 Announcements to be made in Gamescom 2019

1. Bully 2

Rockstar Games have created a huge reputation with their GTA and Red Dead Redemption games of late, but one of the best games under this studio which does not get the same attention is Bully. Bully was the story of a boy made to attend Bullworth Academy and it follows his journey growing into a senior at the school.

It gave many teens a chance to relive their lives in a videogame when released where you could pull off the biggest stunts and wreak havoc, as in true Rockstar fashion Bully was in a league of its own.

But since its release, there hasn’t been any development into the sequel and if Rockstar were to release a sequel to Bully while taking advantage of the current generation of consoles or for the future generation it would be massive.

2. Need For Speed

Need For Speed peaked at Most Wanted in 2005 and although there have been plenty of games in the Need For Speed franchise after that, no one could reach near the bar set by Most Wanted in 2005. It gave you a great storyline and a motive to be the best and take back what is rightfully yours while operating under the noses of some of the fastest cops the franchise has ever seen.

EA needs to bring back the original Need For Speed feel to the franchise and fans have been speaking online for quite some time and though there is a confirmation that a new Need For Speed game is in the works, no one knows what it is about and how it will be.

If Need For Speed can bring back the original feel of Underground or Most Wanted back it will surely be one of the hottest game.

3. Last Of Us 2 Release Date

Of all the titles in the list, this is more likely to come true. Yes, there is a Last Of Us 2 in the works, and yes it will be released in the coming year but apart from that and the few trailers released no one seems to know when the game will be released.

It was rumored for a while that the game might be released in February and Gamescom 2019 seems like the perfect opportunity to reveal the release date of Last Of Us 2 as Sony had entirely skipped E3 in 2019.

Last Of Us moved every person that got to experience the story first hand and is still remembered as one of the best games to be released in recent years. Here’s hoping Last Of Us 2 does the same or even achieves more than the prequel.

4. Uncharted 5

Nathan Drake might have officially hung up his boots but that does not mean it should be the end for the Uncharted series, there are still plenty of characters who can take the story forward and bring this epic adventure back to the people.

It is rumored that if Uncharted 5 is ever made it would follow Nathan Drake’s daughter as she steps into the boots of her father exploring the hidden secrets of the world and saving it at the same time.

It would certainly bring the roof down in Naughty Dog were to announce this title at Gamescom 2019. Let’s hope that this wish comes out to be true.

5. Death Stranding Multi-Platform

Ever Hideo Kojima left Capcom he has been working hard on his personal project we now know as Death Stranding as though we are close to the game being released, it still remains as a PS4 exclusive.

What might take things into the stratosphere is by Kojima Productions revealing the game to be multi platformer where PC players and Xbox One owners could join in this epic story true.

It would certainly be a shame to see Kojima’s latest offering to be in the hands of only the half of gaming audiences, as PC and Xbox owners are being ignored completely.

Death Stranding is going to be at the center of Gamescom and this reveal might just blow the roof off the venue. What would be better is having Kojima deliver this news in person but one can only wish for a certain amount of things at a time.

6. Marvel Gaming Universe

Just like the Marvel Cinematic Universe wouldn’t it be awesome to have a Marvel Gaming Universe where all the biggest characters in Marvel could feature in each others game.

It would be a dream come true, there were tons of easter eggs in Spider-Man which was released as a PS4 exclusive and we’re hoping that Marvel and Disney hatch a plan to bring our favorite superheroes to consoles. Not only would these games be immersive but Marvel could lay out a ton of stories that they have in store while familiarising players with new characters before they show up in movies.

It is a food for thought to have this made, but it would certainly require a Marvel miracle for this to happen in real life. But if the earth’s mightiest heroes come together it could surpass anything we’ve ever seen before.

6. Resident Evil 8

Resident Evil has the habit of spooking even the strongest person in the room and that is exactly what makes this series so epic. Spawned over decades Resident Evil franchise has established itself as Horror’s best game series with no other direct competition.

2019 saw the Resident Evil 2 Remake be acclaimed and brought back the same emotions the original did when it was first released. Resident Evil 8 could do just that showing just how Umbrella Corp is still in the play for all these things.

It is for sure that Resident Evil developers sure know how to make a scary classic it just remains to be seen what is next for them.

7. Handheld Consoles

Handheld consoles seem to be the rage these days, after the success of Nintendo’s switch and their latest announcement of Switch Lite, more and more console makers may want to invest in this tech as mobility and gaming seems to be on the rise.

It would be such a huge boost to be able to play your favorite game anywhere you wish instead of being confined to your house. Sony had seen decent success with the original PSP but later iterations weren’t so successful.

There have been rumors of Microsoft making a handheld device which could bring their best games to devices that people could carry in their backpacks and be constantly invested in the games.

Although this seems unlikely at the moment, online streaming services could very well make this come true and with Stadia and Microsoft working on their own game streaming services this could just turn fiction into reality.

8. Stadia Exclusives

Google has entered the gaming industry and their streaming service will be live in the coming months, while they have a pretty spectacular list of games in their library they still do not have any exclusive games.

Sometimes a single game is enough for people to make up their minds and commit to it and Google could very well pull this off at Gamescom 2019 by announcing a game exclusive for Stadia which could see more people subscribing to the service than imagined.

9. Tekken X Street Fighter

Imagine having two of the biggest genre-defining games being merged into one, that is what Tekken X Street Fighter would bring to the table, it was announced years ago that both studios would work together to bring a game which featured Tekken’s engine with characters from both games in a single title.

Though this has not yet since been delivered now would be the right time for such a release, with Mortal Kombat X bringing the fighting genre back to its gory days. Tekken X Street Fighter would certainly bring players of two different titles to one.

This is still in the works though but a little update on this wouldn’t hurt anyone I suppose. For fans of both the series, this collaboration is like a match made in heaven.

10. Cyberpunk 2077 Reveals

Cyberpunk 2077 stole E3’s spotlight by announcing Keanu Reeves as one of the characters in the game and though it is certain that people will get to see another extended gameplay video of Cyberpunk 2077 with more styles and combat techniques.

It would be insane if CDPR could bring out more celebrity cameos out to the public if the game has any, during the character selection screen you do get to select one of three role models and one of them in Johnny Silverhand though there isn’t much information available about the rest of other characters.

It would be insane if two more legendary celebrities could come out and reveal more about the game which is about to be released on the 16th of April 2019.

This is our list of some of the announcements that would certainly have jaw-dropping moments at Gamescom 2019.