G2A Platform Paid Factorio Developers $ 40 Thousand Compensation for Stolen Keys

G2A Compensation to Factorio Developers

Last year, the G2A resource was criticized by developers for selling stolen game keys. In response, the site management invited the companies to cooperate and conduct an audit of the products. Wube Software agreed to such a move and, during a joint investigation with GA2, discovered in the store 321 stolen keys of its Factorio project. Fraudsters were able to realize 198 of them, and developers got compensation for them.

According to the Critical Hit portal, the store paid Wube Software $ 39,600. This is an amount that is ten times higher than the cost of all keys sold. It is important to note that GA2 fulfilled its promise. When the website offered cooperation to game developers, they announced its readiness to compensate for the losses for the sale of stolen activation codes in tenfold size.

On its official website, the GA2 platform commented on a refund. They say that when they launched this offer to pay compensation, they wanted to clearly tell the gaming community that fraud was detrimental to all parties. According to their blog, the fraud harms people who buy stolen keys, game developers, and GA2 as well. As an intermediary in transactions, they are forced to cover the costs associated with dishonest sales of the game. They wanted to add weight to the described problem and attract people’s attention, so the site made a commitment to compensate the developers for the damage they got, despite the fact that they had nothing to do with the illegal provision of keys.

Source: Critical Hit