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Where To Find Fuel Pool In Scarlet Nexus?

Here is the Fuel Pool location in Scarlet Nexus.

The Trouble with Fire quest will task the players to kill an Other called Fuel Pool in Scarlet Nexus. Locating them may be a bit difficult. So in this guide, we will tell you how to find and kill the fuel pool in Scarlet Nexus to complete the Trouble with Fire Quest.

Where to Find Fuel Pool in Scarlet Nexus?


Fuel Pools Location

You will find Fuel Pools Kikuchiba location. Fast travel to the Mid Level Shopping District point. Once you teleport there, you will encounter a couple of them in the vicinity of the open area if you keep moving straight forward on the main road. They are extremely close to the Fast Travel point and you will not have to waste much of your time finding them.

This is the same location where you will find Vase Paws in the game. They are weak to fire and hence any weapon or fire element will be recommended to kill Fuel Pools. Use your pyrokinesis SAS and it should be fairly easy to kill them. Just make sure you attack them before your SAS power wears out. You will only need to kill two of these to complete the Trouble with Fire Quest in Scarlet Nexus.


The second location for Fuel Pools is on the Upper-Level Construction site of Kikuchiba. There you will have to explore a bit to find the Fuel Pools so we recommend the Mid Level Shopping District as that the easiest and the fastest way to find and kill the Fuel Pools.

So that is all for our guide on where to Find Fuel Pools in Scarlet Nexus to complete the Trouble with Fire Quest. If you would like to know how to get brain points in the game, we have a guide on that too for you to check out.