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How To Repair Vehicles In Farming Simulator 22

Complete guide on How to repair vehicles in FS 22

For an optimized functioning of your vehicle in Farming Simulator 22, you need to repair your vehicles from time to time. You can note an orange gauge at the right side of your vehicle’s speedometer, it signifies the performance of your vehicle. When the orange bar is full, your performance is at a peak while an empty orange bar signifies that you need to repair your vehicle sooner or later.

How to Repair Vehicles in Farming Simulator 22

Here are some ways to repair your vehicles in FS 22.

How to Find a Repair Workshop to Repair your Vehicles

  • Head to any vehicle shop with the vehicle you want to repair.
  • Look for a spanner icon to find the repair workshop closer to the shop (usually on the back or side of the shop).
  • Park your vehicle outside the garage door and walk up to the spanner icon.
  • You can see your vehicle’s information and condition as you walk up to the icon.
  • Select the repair option, which will repair your vehicle to the best condition for a certain charge depending on the repairs your vehicle needs.
  • You can also repaint or customize your vehicle to your suitable needs.

Spanner icon farming simulator FS 22

How to Repair Vehicles Remotely

  • Go to the Game Menu and select owned items.
  • Select the vehicle you want to repair for a slightly higher charge.

How to repair your vehicle in your own Workshop

  • Head to the Game menu and select the last tab (one with three horizontal lines).
  • Choose construction and pick buildings.
  • Then, Select tools and buy a vehicle workshop. The cost of the workshop depends upon the proximity of your fields and the workshop.
  • Place the workshop on the land you own.
  • Now you can repair, repaint, and customize your vehicles for no charges at all.

These are all the ways to repair your vehicles in Farming Simulator (FS) 22. If this helped you out, make sure to check out our other FS22 guides right here on Gamer Tweak.