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How To Farm Chickens In Farming Simulator 22

Get down to the chicken business in Farming Simulator (FS) 22

While there are many industries to generate revenue in Farming Simulator 22, there are five types of live stocks you can breed and earn profits from – pigs, horses, sheep, cows, and chickens. Farming chickens is the easiest mode of generating more revenue for a player at a minimum cost as they do not require water or grooming. Here’s a complete guide on how to farm chickens in FS 22.

How to Farm Chickens in Farming Simulator 22

Follow our step-by-step guide to find out How to farm chickens in FS 22.

How to Buy a Chicken Pasture?

  • Open the main menu and choose the build option (an icon with three lines).
  • Then, choose the Construction option and select the animals tab.
  • Select chickens in the Animals tab wherein you will get two options, a pasture that can hold 30 chickens and another that can hold 160.
  • Select one of them and place it on the land you own.
  • When you buy the chickens, their indicators would be all low to zero (which is natural), but they will increase over time as you nurture and look after them properly. As you increase all of the indicators, their health will also increase.

How to Buy and Feed Chickens?

  • Once a chicken pasture is placed, Navigate through the Animal dealer in the shop.
  • Select the pasture you want the chickens to scoop in.
  • You can either buy a newly born chicken worth $5, which take two months to reproduce or chicken worth $ 50 that will reproduce right away.
  • Feed the chickens by harvesting grains or buy it from the shop. 5. Transport and unload the grains in the pasture by using a trailer.

How to Sell the Eggs in Farming Simulator 22?

  • After some time the chickens will start laying eggs outside the chicken pasture everyday. If you have some roosters in the pasture, the process will speed up.
  • There are many ways you can sell the eggs at the best price.
  • Place them on a pickup truck and drive to a location which would give you a better price.
  • Or you can also sell the eggs by selecting sell section in the menu.

This is how you can start farming chickens in Farming Simulator 22. If this helped you, make sure to check our other FS 22 guides and walkthroughs on Gamer Tweak.