How To Get The Frog In Wacky Wizards

Here's all about the Frog ingredient in Wacky Wizards and which potion recipes use this item.

The Frog ingredient is something new you can obtain for your magical potions. In this guide, I will explain how to get the Frog in Wacky Wizards. Simply follow the steps given below to make it happen easily.

How to Get the Frog in Wacky Wizards

First, visit the Goblin Village and interact with the Leader Goblin.
Your objective now will be to cook special food for every Goblin but you need to know what’s their favorite food. Here’s more about it.

  • Goblin Kid – Noodle Stew (Put a Pool Noodle in the Goblin Cauldron for it)
  • Fat Goblin – You Stew (Put the Fairy + Chameleon in your own cauldron to make a Shrink Ray potion. Equip it and drink it on the Goblin Cauldron and put yourself in the potion to make the You Stew).
  • Vegan Goblin – Beany Stew (You need the Beans ingredient for it)
  • Short/Midget Goblin – Giant Stew (You need the Giant’s Ear for it)
  • Goblin Leader – Spicy Stew (You need the Chilli ingredient for it)

After feeding the specific meals to all 5 Goblins, you will get the Frog ingredient. Now with this item, you can easily make Frog legs potion, tadpole potion, Thicc potion, Grapple Tongue potion and more.

frog potion recipes list

Frog Ingredient Recipes List

Let’s look at the recipes for every Frog potion here.

  • Frog potion: Frog
  • Frog-legs potion: Giraffe Hoof + Frog
  • Prince potion: You + Frog
  • Tadpole potion: Fish + Frog
  • Thicc potion: Giant’s Ear + Frog
  • Wall walker potion: Giraffe Hoof + Frog + Spider
  • Eeely potion: Pool Noodle + Frog
  • Infinite potion: Fairy + Frog
  • Lilyjump potion: Bird + Giraffe Hoof + Frog
  • Eyes potion: Chameleon + Frog
  • Lilypad-morph potion: Magic Seed + Frog
  • Control-jump potion: Zeus’s Beard + Frog
  • Uni potion: Hat of Gears + Frog
  • Banging-feet potion: Dynamite + Frog
  • Grapple-tongue potion: Brain + Frog
  • Hibernation potion: Rotten Sandwich + Frog
  • Bounce-high potion: Bird + Frog
  • Lilypad-jumping potion: Bird + Giraffe Hoof + Fairy + Frog + Frog
  • Frog-boxing potion: Boxing Gloves + Frog

So that’s all about the how to get the Frog in Wacky Wizards. For more related to other ingredients and potions, check out our Wacky Wizards guides.