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Monster Hunter Rise – How To Join Friends Quest On PC?

Read this guide to learn how to join friends quest on PC in Monster Hunter Rise.

Monster Hunter Rise PC is even more fun with Multiplayer, and the ability to join friends’ quests further enhances the fun quotient. The process to join quests with your friends, however, can be a little tricky. This is especially true if you are not familiar with how the game works. In this guide, though, we will ensure you do not have to come across such a dillema again. Here, we will walk you through all you need to do to successfully join a friends quest in Monster Hunter Rise PC.

How to Join Friends Quest on Monster Hunter Rise PC?



Creating a Lobby to Join Friends Quests in Monster Hunter Rise PC

In order to join friends and participate in quests with them, you will first need to create a lobby. To do so, head over to the Courier Palico in the middle of Kamura. Once here, select Create Lobby and then fine-tune your settings. After you are done, click on Create.


Switching off Passcode will ensure that random players do not make their way into your lobby. This will result in players joining the lobby needing to enter a four-digit passcode when they enter.

Once you create a lobby, you can simply head over to Steam and find your friend. Next, you can simply invite them to your game by right-clicking on their name.

How to Join a Friends Lobby?


Once your friend has a lobby, they can either invite you to it or you can choose to join the lobby directly.

To do so, you need to simply open Steam and then find their name. Once you get your friends name on Steam, right-click on it and click Join Game. Next, go back to Monster Hunter Rise and speak to the Courier. After this, click on Accept Lobby Invite. Enter the passcode for the lobby here, and that’s it.

So there you have it. With these simple steps, you can join Friends quests in Monster Hunter Rise PC. And now that you know how to do so, take a look at our Monster Hunter Rise Guides.