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Friday Night Funkin Songs List In Order – Full FNF Tracklist

Here's the Friday Night Funkin FNF Track List in order.

Friday Night Funkin is a fun rhythm game that is super popular among players. In this game, you are trying to impress an ex-rockstar through the power of music and the music is one of the main reasons why this game has done so well. If you are searching for the Friday Night Funkin or FNF songs list in order, you’ve come to the right place. To help you out, we’ve compiled this tracklist including all the songs composed by Kawai Sprite.

Friday Night Funkin FNF Songs List in Order

Friday Night Funkin FNF Songs List in Order

Here are all the FNF songs/tracks for all weeks in order.

FNF Song Name Week
Bopeebo Week 1
Fresh Week 1
Dad Battle Week 1
Spookeez Week 2
South Week 2
Monster Week 2
Pico Week 3
Philly Nice Week 3
Blammed Week 3
Satin P***ies Week 4
High Week 4
M.**.F Week 4
Cocoa Week 5
Eggnog Week 5
Winter Horrorland Week 5
Senpai Week 6
Roses Week 6
Thorns Week 6
Ugh Week 7
Guns Week 7
Stress Week 7

Menu Tracks

These are the songs used in the menus such as the main menu, pause screen and game over screens.

  • Gettin’ Freaky
  • Breakfast
  • Game Over (Don’t Stop)
  • Game Over (Pixelday)

Cutscene Tracks

These tracks play during the cutscenes and dialogues.

  • Lunchbox
  • Lunchbox (Scary)
  • Distorto
  • Klaskii Romper

All of these songs are available online on Soundcloud and other platforms.

Here’s some more information about Friday Night Funkin’. It was initially created as a game jam game and soon enough it transformed into the game we play today. The overall graphical style is reminiscent of the flash games that we played as kids as well as graffiti art. As you may already know, players need to use the basic controls of WASD or arrows on the keyboard to match with the colored arrows that appear onscreen. The game is available on Newgrounds, itch.io, Windows, Mac OS and Linux.

That’s all about FNF songs list in order. If you are searching for the best Friday Night Funkin mods to use, we’ve compiled a list for you right here.