All Fresh Start Servers & Worlds In New World

Here's a list of all the upcoming Fresh Start Servers that players will get to see in the New World.

When it comes to Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing games, New World is one of the most popular ones. This game is developed by Amazon Game Studios where you can explore the world of Aeternum with your pals. If you’re already playing the game but struggling to claim a territory, then don’t worry, the developers have got you covered. In the New World, the players are going to experience a Fresh Start where all the players will start from the beginning. In this upcoming update, you and your friends will get the chance to build and defend brand-new territories. If you’re unaware of the launch of Fresh Start servers in the New World, then scroll down for answers.

List of All Fresh Start Servers In New World (Waves Release)

All Fresh Start Servers New World

Here’s a list of all the Fresh Start Servers you’ll be getting to see in the New World upcoming update. Before we begin, these worlds and their servers have been divided into 4 Waves, that’ll launch at a particular time.

Wave 1

  • Central Europe Artemis
  • US-West Yonas
  • South America Artorius
  • US-East Medea

This wave and their following servers will be released on November 2, at 4 PM UTC.

Wave 2 – New World Fresh Start Servers

  • Central EuropeGawain
  • US-EastMyrddin

This Wave will be initiated on November 2, at 5 PM UTC

Wave 3

  • US-EastDevourer
  • Central EuropeApophis

This Wave will be released on November 2, at 6 PM UTC.

Wave 4

  • US-EastAmarah
  • US-WestEnnead
  • Central EuropeCleopatra
  • South AmericaGaea
  • AustraliaSutekh

Wave 4 will be initiated on November 2, at 7 PM UTC

As you can see every server region’s release has a 1-hour gap. This rollout plan has been organized to avoid chaos and to provide a place for everyone on this blank slate. So make sure to pick a preferable time to join the servers of your following region to avoid a lockdown.

Yes, the servers may get locked after reaching their maximum capacity of queues. However, the developers have promised that they’ll monitor every world closely to help you join a world.

In these new worlds, every player can only make 1 Character per world. On the other hand, as soon as the waves are released a 3rd slot will be added to the character’s slot. And also, no players will be allowed to transfer their old characters to these Fresh Start servers in New World.

There will also be an Return to Aeternum event on November 18th. This event will only be available for the content creators and they’ll get thier own private servers. There are going to be 4 different invite only servers, that will be accessible through the invites to avoid flooded servers.

That sum’s up everything about the list of all Fresh Start Servers in the game. While you’re here check out other New World guides for more tips & tricks.