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Freedom Fighters Gets A PEGI Rating, Game Might Make A Come Back?

Could IO Interactive be preparing for a comeback of the Freedom Fighters brand? A new rating by the PEGI ensures the corresponding speculation at the start of this new week.

At the moment, everything at the Danish developer studio IO Interactive is likely to revolve around the completion of the stealth adventure Hitman 3, which will be released for the PC and consoles at the beginning of next year.


Apparently, however, those responsible at IO Interactive are preparing the return of another well-known brand of the studio. We are talking about Freedom Fighters, which was released in 2003 for the PC, Xbox, PlayStation 2, and Nintendo GameCube and could apparently be about to make a comeback.

This is at least indicated by the fact that Freedom Fighters was recently given an age rating by the Pan European Game Information (PEGI for short). Since the developers at IO Interactive are still silent on this topic, one can currently only speculate what the whole thing is about in detail.

It would certainly be conceivable that a remaster of the original published in 2003 is hidden behind the age rating. Or can we possibly look forward to a completely new project? Should IO Interactive provide clarity in this regard, we will of course bring you up to date news immediately.


Freedom Fighters saw itself playfully as a classic third-person shooter in which you were faced with the task of liberating New York from the hands of the Soviet occupying power. Charisma points were collected by successfully completing missions, conquering bases, or destroying Soviet supplies. The more charisma that was collected, the more characters could be commanded and sent into battle.