10 Free PC Software Every Gamer Needs

For every gamer, games have to be the most essential software in their system, but having games can sometimes still leave you lagging behind. To get the best out of your gaming system you will need the help of other software that will help boost those games for a more well-rounded experience.

We have compiled a list of free software ranging from emulators to things that will help you run your CPU and GPU smoother than before. The most important part is the fact that all these softwares are for free and you can download them right now and check the difference immediately.

10 Free PC Software Every Gamer Needs


If you want to participate in the ever-evolving memes or if you just want to share something that you liked in a game you can do that with Sharex. You no longer have to open 2-3 programs just to save a simple image and edit it a bit. Now you can do all of that with Sharex.

Sharex helps you not only create the image you want but you can also add in your own watermark to show the legitimacy of your piece of art. Sharex helps to enhance the image you have captured in-game and this is a one-stop program for all your meme material needs.


Keytweak is a program that lets you change the layout of the buttons to however you want it to. Not every gamer has a set gaming style and some prefer buttons to be placed according to where their hands rest naturally, Keytweak helps you to change the keys accordingly.

You do not even have to go into regedit and run the risk of messing something up, think of this as keyboard mapping without any consequences and you can always get a back to default button to undo your changes.

Keytweak has helped gamers who share a system and have a different approach to the keybinds and can help resolve tons of arguments and save time.

Borderless Gaming

Sometimes you might get a game that has the window surrounding it and you never get the full-screen experience, this has happened quite some time and due to one factor or the other, you never get the complete immersive experience.

Borderless Gaming helps solve that, no matter what game you have on the foreground, this program will help take out the windows program borders and bring the game to full screen. It is a simple program to run and all you have to do is add your game to the list that you want to experience without borders and it is done.

OBS Studio

If you dream of becoming a twitch star, then OBS Studio will be the one program you should be looking for. Apart from being, OBS Studio will help you configure your settings to a decimal giving you complete control over everything. From audiovisual output settings to having a green screen removal option. OBS Studio does it all.

OBS Studio helps connect to Twitch with its key and it gives you an overview to understanding how things are running plus which hardware to use in a particular output. Not only Twitch but OBS Studio helps you connect seamlessly with other popular streaming platforms like Mixer and YouTube as well.


If you have a collection of games, it usually ends up getting messy and keeping everything at one place gets hard to do. This is where Launchbox comes into play, Launchbox helps organize your games the way you want them too. It also helps you get a ton of old classic arcade games to your PC.

Not everyone can get a hand on the old classic systems but you can always create the same experience on your PC and get the complete experience. Launchbox helps you not only with games but with How-To videos as well so that you do not mess things up.

The Launchbox community is always active and you will come ready to solve your issues at a moment’s notice.


F.LUX does not seem that impressive right off, but for those who spend the entire night gaming, this will surely keep your eyes safe. It is a well-known fact that the blue rays from the monitor do a number on our eyes and F.LUX helps eliminate those rays. F.LUX adjusts the colors on your screen to make it more natural to your eyes.

Just like your phone’s reading mode, F.LUX helps to bring a warm tone to your phone screen making it perfect for longer stretch of gaming, you can use this software when you are doing something else like writing or reading to make sure that you are always protected.

Pin Steam

Pin Steam is more like the ease of access tools, if you are someone who despises opening the Steam launcher every time you have to switch to a new game then Pin Steam will be of your use. Instead of having icons of the games, you can pin Steam titles to your Start Menu.

What this does is, it gives a more stylish and systematic looking appeal to your whole setup. You no longer have to flood your desktop with game icons, but can rather have them in the start menu looking a million times better than any icon would give you. On top of all of this, you can also pin your friends to the start menu and check out when they’re online and what they’re playing instead of opening steam every time.

Game Save Manager

It is exactly what it sounds like, think of Game Save Manager as a cloud-based service where you can save your progress and then mess about with your computer without any consequences. This works for offline games too.

You can even switch places and take your saves with you. You no longer have to risk having hours of playing time get erased and fear saving the game at every chance that you get. Game Save Manager does that for you in a very minimalistic and simple way.


Now with games, there is always a chance of bloating up your PC with additional software that you might not need, plus if you are a hardcore gamer then you will certainly have tons of games and might be running out of space. Windirstat helps to not only clean up unwanted files but also help organize them.

Winderstat gives you a clear picture of how much space a game or a particular program is taking and how it will impact it. You no longer have to worry about your PC slowing down and even if it does you can always check what is affecting your PC and get rid of it. This of Windirstat as a wonderful Disk Management program with more in-depth analysis than any other program.

MSI Afterburner

MSI Afterburner is for those who want to have a bit of more performance from their graphics card. The best this about MSI Afterburner is the fact that you do not have to have an MSI Card, this works across almost every graphics card on the planet.

You also get to check out how your PC is handling the game, what FPS you are getting and more information while in-game. MSI Afterburner has helped push gamers for that extra bit of performances where it is crucial and you do not want to risk having glitches, especially in a pvp game.

The best part is the fact that you can tune the settings with your mobile device, taking out the need to even close down the game you are playing and just changing the settings while in-game.

These are the 10 best free PC programs that you should have on your PC for a better gaming experience, make sure that you check out our other features on the best games of 2019 as well