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Roblox WimbleWorld: How To Get All Free Items

Looking for free UGC items? Check out our guide on how to get all the free items in Roblox WimbleWorld.

As the name already suggests, WimbleWorld is a Roblox experience or game that revolves around the Wimbledon tennis event. The best part of this experience is that it allows you to indulge in the different tennis tournaments. And not only as Tennis players but also as spectators or audience. But upon entering the matches, we might need some sporty outfits ourselves. Not to worry, check out our guide on how to get all free items in Roblox WimbleWorld.

How to Get All Free Items in Roblox Wimbleworld

Currently, three free avatar items can be obtained in the Roblox Wimbleworld. These items are as follows:

  • Wimbledon Cap
  • 1880s Racket
  • Sir Andy Muray’s Cap

While these items are free, there are some prerequisites or steps to complete to get them. Let’s begin with the Wimbledon Cap.

Wimbledon Cap

You can get the Wimbledon Cap by completing your first tennis match. All you need to do is win the match by whatever points to get this cap. As it can be your tutorial match, you will also get instructions about serving and boosting your serve. So, getting the cap is a piece of cake.

roblox wimbleworld free items

1880s Racket

For this wooden Racket, you need to reach level four. You need to increase your XP by playing different tennis matches. If you score more than 40, you win the match. Even if you don’t win the match, you will still get a bunch of XP. So, grind on the different tennis matches to get to level four. When you reach the level, you will get notified of the 1880s Racket reward.

roblox wimbleworld get free items

Sir Andy Muray’s Cap

While you can get his cap, you need to teleport to a different game for this one. If you follow tennis, you might be privy to Sir Andy Murray.

Now, you need to search the portal to Strongman Simulator. You can look for directions on the street.

As you enter the portal, you will be directed to that game. This way requires more grind than the rest.

You will see a logo of the WimbleWorld and a trophy on the ground in the Strongman Simulator. All you need to do is grab that trophy and complete the finish line.

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Don’t worry about the energy as you will get a bunch of them when you cross the finish line. For 300, you need to grab the trophy and run past the finish line 300 times.

Once you have collected 300 Holiday Currency, head to the Wimbledon store to purchase Sir Andy Murray’s cap.

roblox wimbleworld free items

That’s everything covered about the free items in Roblox WimbleWorld. If you liked this guide, check out our Roblox WimbleWorld Codes list to get a bunch of freebies right here on Gamer Tweak.