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How to Get Frank Woods Operator Skin in Warzone

COD Modern Warfare & Warzone has different operator skins. Frank Woods is one of them and you can unlock this by following steps in this guide.

New update in Warzone brings some fresh updates where players can unlock a brand new skin. This new skins lands in the game after the announcement of COD Black Ops Cold War. You can now play as Frank Woods Operator in Warzone and Modern Warfare Multiplayer. Here is how to unlock this cool skin in the game.

How to get Frank Woods Operator Skin?


The skin is linked with a pre-order of a new game. To unlock Frank Woods Operator Skin pre-order COD Black Ops Cold War. You will be eligible to unlock this skin for free from the digital store. Frank Woods is a popular face from Black Ops, bringing him in Warzone will be kind of an exciting add-on for the players.

The skin will not impact your gameplay, access provided to limited users it will surely make you stand different on the battlefield. Players who had or who will be pre-ordering COD Black Ops Cold War will have instant access to the Frank Wood Operator Skin. They can use this in Warzone and the multiplayer mode of Modern Warfare.

The skin is unlocked instantly just go to the Operator Tab in the game menu and you will find him alongside other heroes. This is not an in-game loot item, along with skin there is an assault rifle blueprint and payback finishing move in the game. You will see the download of the entire package which includes skin, weapon, and finisher move instantly after pre-ordering COD Black Ops Cold War. Here is a list of all the free items you can get.


COD Modern Warfare & Warzone Rewards:

  • Operator – Woods
  • Assault Rifle – Old Faithful
  • Woods Skin – Frank Woods
  • Woods Quip – Down You Go
  • Operator Finishing Move – Payback

COD Black Ops Cold War Content: (Available only at Launch)


  • COD Blacks Ops Cold War
  • Early Access to Open Beta
  • Confrontation Weapon Pack

Pre-ordering Black Ops Cold War also gives you access to the Open Beta, the game is scheduled to release on November 13, 2020. The game is available in Standard and Ultimate Editions. Ultimate comes with two items. They are Land, Sea & Air Pack & Battle Pass Bundle (Season 1 Battle Pass + 20 Tiers Skip).