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Forza Motorsport Graphics To Bridge The Gap Between Reality And Game

Shit Up And Drive

Forza Motorsport is taking things closer to reality than ever before, Forza series has always been a pioneer when it comes to delivering breathtaking real-life graphics with some of the best gameplay mechanics and this year’s Xbox Games Showcase, we could feel the adrenaline kick in.

If the clip shown during the event is to be taken into account, we will have more than just racing in Forza Motorsport, it looks like now players will be able to get a look at the behind the scenes of every racing team.


See the life of a driver through his eyes the training, and the hard work that goes before you even get to set your feet inside the car.

Forza Motorsport looks like it will be not only of the best racing game in recent years, but also one of the best to have been released. From fixating on the tiny water droplets and every little detail that we have come to love and appreciate.


It is certainly clear that Turn 10 Studios has found a way to completely turn the tide in racing forever. Though no gameplay footage was revealed, we have come to expect nothing but the best from the series and the distinction from trailer to actual gameplay is never that off.

Another cool thing about Forza Motorsport is the fact that it will make full use of the Xbox Series X’s potential and will support ray tracing making the lighting of a great game look legendary.

We certainly cannot wait to get our hands on Forza Motorsport and experience the sheer thrill of this amazing title that is coming out in the future.


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