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Forza Horizon 5 Will Reportedly Release in September 2021, Insider Says

Microsoft has not yet revealed clear information on one of its most anticipated exclusives, Forza Horizon 5, but in recent days the rumors related to the racing game are becoming more insistent, and now, thanks to a leaker in the world of Hot Wheels we could finally have the first clues regarding its release date (exclusively on PC and Xbox Series X/S) and setting.

Already at the end of last April, some rumors indicated Mexico as a possible setting for Forza Horizon 5, what might seem a minor and sometimes unrealistic detail actually fits perfectly with the images reported on Twitter by the well-known leaker Idle Sloth:


As anticipated, Idle Sloth reports the leak of a very active leaker regarding the world of Hot Wheels, or T-Hunted, who reported on Instagram the images of new cars arriving in September with a line dedicated to the Forza Horizon series.


These are cars like ’19 Mercedes Benz A-Class, Corvette C7, and Porsche 911 Gt3 RS and it would be really unlikely that this line will come out of nowhere and not go to accompany the launch of the expected title (which could easily be shown during E3 2021 just in view of a summer marketing campaign and a release in September 2021).

In addition, it is also noted that in the upper part of the package a desert landscape is represented, which many are describing as a typical Mexican landscape, as anticipated, what might seem a minor detail that actually fits perfectly with the previous rumors. Therefore the leaks end up giving each other mutual credibility.

Of course, we can’t be sure yet because it is always and in any case unofficial information, but the fact that so many coincidences go in the same direction can give us hope.