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Fortnite To Add VR Support in Future, According To Dataminers

It seems that some of the dataminers have discovered a number of references of VR support in the patch 14.30 of Fortnite.

For the time being, there is a certain opinion within the video game industry around the idea that for a title to be successful in conforming to the model of games as a service, it must not only expand its own content, but also make the leap to other platforms in those that had been initially available.

And it is the case of Fortnite in relation to the latter would be the most striking; above all, if we take into account that the title has taken a couple of steps back when it was canceled on iOS and Android before the war that Epic Games currently has with Apple.

However and as it has been seen thanks to the recent 14.30 update of the battle royale, the truth is that Fortnite could reach new platforms in the future, specifically to VR devices, as reported by the leaker known as ShiinaBR through his own Twitter account:

The thing is that the community of dataminers have found within the lines of the code of the mentioned patch a series of references to the following headsets: HTC Vive, Oculus Go, Oculus Touch, and Valve Index, which has triggered all kinds of alarms in the community of the game before the possibility of enjoying Fortnite in virtual reality in the future.

However, it seems that the data that has come to light around the latter is not enough to even be able to imagine how Epic Games plans to adopt the virtues of Fortnite to this type of technology, so the only thing we can do for the moment will be sitting around waiting for the company to release the first official data regarding all this.