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Fortnite Vistors Recording Location Cheatsheet – Tape Location Guide

Collect all tapes

Simple cheat sheet to find all seven visitors recordings in Fortnite, here is are the exact location in Fortnite where you can find all the visitors recording easily and fast. This Fortnite cheat sheet will help you to complete Out of Time mission challenges which also includes finding different visitors taps scattered around various locations. Below are the locations of all visitors recording.

Fortnite Visitors Recording Locations


1. Retail Row

Go to McGuffin’s book store which is easy to find, just find the large water tower and you will be able to locate the book store. Go upstairs and look on the floor for a yellow tape cassette. Collect it and you got the first visitors recording in Fortnite.

2. Mosty Palms


Land in Moisty Palms and look for a hotel building, there is a huge building. You will have to land on the top of the building, there is a brick wall and you will find the yellow cassette hovering over the wall.

3. Greasy Grove

In the snowy region of Greasy Grove, you will find the yellow cassette in one of the rooms. Look for a taco restaurant, it is located near the bucket of salsa poster. You have to go inside and scan the tables around, the yellow cassette is hovering on one of the tables.


4. Starry Suburbs

In Starry Suburbs head to the POI that is the largest building that has a cone on the roof. Go to the third floor and then enter the room on the right. You will find the recording hovering on the bed.

5. Gotham City


Gotham City is big, but you have to scan the north-west corner, look for a broken movie theater, it is located on the roadside and easy to find. The yellow cassette is just outside threat on the road. It won’t be that hard to find.

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This an additional bonus you cannot miss, you just have to reach Dusty Depot and find the Rocket station. Go inside and find the main console, there is a chest in the room and interact to unlock some cool rewards for free.