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Fortnite Season 3: Upgrade A Weapon At Salty Springs

Here's how you can find the Upgrade Bench location at Salty Springs and upgrade a weapon over there.

This season has been quite a blast for Fortnite players. Every week they have a new challenge to complete – some are simple while some are a little complicated. Now, the week 5 challenges of Fortnite are here and one of them involves upgrading a weapon at Salty Springs. In this guide, we will show you where you can find the upgrade bench in Salty Springs and upgrade a weapon there easily.

Upgrade A Weapon At Salty Springs In Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3


The location of Salty Springs is to the left of The Authority and to the South of Pleasant Park. Here is the Salty Springs Upgrade Bench location:


When you reach here, you have to look for a building made of red bricks. Simply enter the white door and inside the room, you will see an upgrade bench you can use.


To complete this challenge, you can upgrade any weapon of your choice. Upgrading a low-tier weapon will be faster too. But if you want to get an upgrade for your higher-tier weapons, you are free to do that as well, as long as you have the required materials for it. If you do, just interact with the bench and upgrade the weapon to the next tier. It is pretty simple to do once you locate the bench. Note that this is a portable Upgrade Bench meaning anyone can take it. So if you enter this location and don’t find one, that’s the reason.

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