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Fortnite: Terminator and Sarah Connor Coming To the Battle Royale

An audio broadcast posted on Fortnite’s official Twitter profile would suggest this new crossover of Terminator and Sarah Connor coming to the Battle Royale.

For quite a few months now, Fortnite has begun to make its game a sort of cross-media gathering, in which the most famous characters of films, TV series and video games themselves meet and fight for the ultimate supremacy in this gigantic battle royale that despite the years continues to be played and loved by thousands of fans and enthusiasts.

After the phenomenal Galactus event that inaugurated Season 5 of Chapter 2 still in progress, it would seem that the next goal of Epic Games to be included within Fortnite is Terminator, and thanks to a video message posted on the official Twitter profile of the game now doubts are turning into certainties.

In the tweet, which you can also find at the bottom of the news, the audio mentions “an impending global doom, time travel, paradoxes …”: all recurring themes and cited several times within the saga with Arnold Schwarzenegger.

In addition, the audio clip also talks about a woman who will surely be able to adapt perfectly to everything, thus suggesting a possible arrival of Sarah Connor as well along with the fearsome T-800.

Soon, therefore, the Terminator universe will join the many other universes that come together and battle it out within Fortnite, even if we remember that the thing has not been 100% officialized by Epic Games.

After lending all his might even in Mortal Kombat 11 as a DLC fighter, the terrible T-800 is about to teleport in the form of a costume even within this colorful but brutal battle royale, which continues to improve despite the passing years.