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How To Download Fortnite Supersonic Skin – Screenshots of All 4 Styles

Supersonic Skin is newly added in Shop, find out how it looks

Fortnite item shop gets a new update v8.40 that adds fresh new things for players to buy. In this guide we will tell you about how to download Fortnite Supersonic Skin, cost of other new cosmetic items from 17th April like Dogfight, Stealth Black Wraps, and the Surfire Glider. If you know nothing about Supersonic Skin then you can view the screenshots of new cosmetics and pick if you want this or not.

How To Get Fortnite Supersonic Skin

Fortnite Update 8.40 adds some four new items in the game. The Supersonic Skin among this comes in four different styles and the entire bundle cost around 2,000 V-bucks. Supersonic Skins is a Legendary item, below are screenshots of all four different styles. Visit the store in Fortnite and check the update to get the latest info. You can download the skins by paying v-bucks.

Download Fortnite Supersonic Skin

Download Fortnite Supersonic Skin

The skin has Gauge on the backside that will display a number of elimination in a match and it is a part of Air Royale Set. With the skin, there is Dogfight and Stealth Black Wraps. The Superfire Glider is also part of Air Royale set. Below is the price.

  • Legendary Supersonic Skin – 2000 V-Bucks
  • Uncommon Surefire Glider – 500 V-Bucks
  • Uncommon Dogfight Wrap – 300 V-Bucks
  • Uncommon Stealth Black Wrap – 300 V-Bucks

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