Fortnite Storm Racer Challenge Guide – How To Complete Every Mission and Rewards

By Raaj
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Fortnite Storm Racer Challenges has 14 different parts and will require a lot of grinding to complete this all to unlock some cool rewards in the end. In this Fortnite guide, I will give you details on all fourteen challenges, their respective locations and what you have to do to complete Fortnite Storm Racer challenge week. If you know very well what things you have to do you can save your time and carry forward instantly to grab the rewards. So let’s begin.

Fortnite Storm Racer Challenges Guide – How To Complete All 14 Challenges

We will start with each challenge with details on what you have to do in it and specific locations you have to visit. So there will be a ton of traveling in this.

Challenge 1 – Gain Health in the Storm

Before you jump into Challenge 1 of Fortnite Storm Racer, best collect some healing items. Like Chug Splash or Slurp Juice. You will need a lot of healing here because it is tough, jump when the storm stops moving and heal yourself before you start facing opponents.

  • Rewards: 10 Battle Star

Challenge 2 – Complete a lap of the Race Track

There are three tracks on the map on three different locations, I had pointed them above, visit any one of them and complete the second challenge of Fortnite Storm Racer.

Fortnite Storm Racer Guide

  • Rewards: 10 Battle Star

Challenge 3 – Survive 10 Storm Phases

You have to play a few more rounds till the storm phases, in total you have to survive 10 storm phases in different matches.

  • Rewards: 10 Battle Star

Challenge 4 – Visit the center of Storm Circle

Look for a purple marker on the map that indicates the center of the Storm Circle, this is where you have to reach and do not forget to connect the loot.

  • Rewards: 5000XP

Challenge 5 – Land on Polar Leak, A Volcano & Circle of Trees

Fortnite Storm Racer Guide

There three locations on the map, you have to visit each of this to tick of this challenge from your todo list. The circle of trees is on the hill where you can see the second arrow, the peak can be found in the polar peak region and the volcano is easy to locate.

  • Rewards: 10 Battle Star

Challenge 6 – Complete a Time Trial

There are two locations where you can find Time Trail, one is on the east of Pleasant Park, where players can stop on the way to Rift Beacon and second is on the southwest of Salty Springs. You have to complete the challenge od Driftboarding here to complete the challenge 6 of Fortnite Storm Racer. When you start you have to complete the challenge before the blue timer goes off.

  • Rewards: 10 Battle Star

Challenge 7 – Dance at Different Telescope

Fortnite Storm Racer Guide

There are multiple telescopes around the map, you have to just dance around 3 telescope locations. You can use the map above to visit any of the three telescope locations and complete this challenge easily. After completing all the seven challenges above you will unlock Prestige Challenges, there are seven more to complete.

  • Rewards: Gameplan Back Bling

Prestige Challenge 8 – Damage an Opponent in the Storm

You have to 500 damage to an opponent who is in the storm, it will not be that tough to find, the challenge is simple to complete.

  • Rewards: 1000 XP

Prestige Challenge 9 – Damage Gliding Opponents

This one is another simple challenge that you can complete really fast, all you have to do is find someone while gliding and attack them.

  • Rewards: 1000 XP

Prestige Challenge 10 – Deal Damage to Opponents After the First Circle Closes

You have to damage an opponent before the first circle closes down, you can do this instantly.

  • Rewards: 1000 XP

Prestige Challenge 11 – Visit the center of the Storm 3 times in One Match

It is a difficult prestige challenge to complete, you have to visit the center of the storm three times in a single match. To save your time when you jump off the plane, try to land somewhere near to the center of the storm. So that you can complete associated challenges and visit the storm center multiple times easily. Follow the purple marker.

  • Rewards: Pixel Blast Spray

Prestige Challenge 12 – Deal Fall Damage to an Opponent

This one is the last but difficult challenge to complete, you have to cause fall damage to the opponent. For this, you can build a platform or find players who are fighting over a structure with some height off the ground.

  • Rewards: 1000 XP

Prestige Challenge 13 – Complete a (Different) Time Trial

To complete this Fortnite Storm Racer challenge you can visit two different locations one is towards the north of Lucky Landing and second east of Snobby Shores. Follow the blue marker to locate the time trial challenge.

  • Rewards: 1000 XP

Prestige Challenge 14 – Dance at three Telescopes in One Match

The final challenge will ask you to dance around three different telescopes in one single match. If you are aware of the telescope locations then you can try running fast towards them and complete the challenge.

  • Rewards: Eternal Voyager Cerulean Style

So now you have all the details of completing Fortnite Storm Racer challenge.

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